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Friday, March 02, 2012

Goodmorning Sunshine!

I gazed at my room this morning and it was such a mess. But my closet was messier! With all the clothes I don’t use anymore and all other stuff which seem to be useless, for me, that is. So I have decided to clean up my closet and sort out the things I can’t live without and the things I can live without. And I have a much brilliant idea which spells S.A.L.E. J

Here are some things I can live without since I don’t have much use of them anymore. See if there’s something you like then comment at the end of the post. Only remember that I am selling them off. Okay, dolls? Enjoy! ® All clothes are my size which means to say they are for girls with small and medium frames.

The Little Purple Floral Dress (Pph200) – which I wore only once. Sigh. My mom wouldn’t let me wear it again because it’s too short for me. You know how tall girls are. So the skirt falls a few inches above the knees. So I’m letting go of it. *Sob*

 The Little Purple Floral Dress (Php200)

The Red Stripey Dress with brooch (Php300) – Oh my! This is brand new. I never really got to use it! T.T  Again, too short for me. I didn’t want to hear my mom’s (and my boyfi’s) sermon anymore. So I must let it go.
The Red Stripey Dress with brooch (Php300)

The Navy Jump short (Php150) – Yes, I can live without this. If you want to purchase it, go ahead! J It will look good on you as it did for me. I’m slowly trying to get used to the fact I won’t be wearing shorts anymore.
The Navy Jump short (Php150) 

If you want one of the clothes I posted, fill up the order form HERE.

So, there you have it. I still have more but you must watch out for my future posts! Sorry for the pictures, I took ‘em in a haste. My sundo was already honking the horn so I really needed to rush out. HAHAHA :D

Have a nice day, pretty dolls and gorgeous men! J
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  1. Kai, Is these available? :)

  2. Ms.kai, is these available? :)

    1. Ay sis, not na this one available. :( You can check out this link instead:


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