Congrats Sis!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Congratulations to all Batch 2012 Graduates!

And one of my congratulations goes to my dear sister, Kaye. She is the youngest in a brood of three kids. My brother and I have already graduated so mom and dad are particularly happy and relieved to see all their kids as professionals! Hurray for our family!

My sister and I are both from WMSU (Western Mindanao State University…Beautiful emblem of the.. aww. I was singing the anthem. HAHA). And graduations always start early and are split into two batches happening in 2 diff. days (consecutively, I guess).

Call Time is 7am! Yes, it always starts early. And since, my sister has officially asked for my help to do her hair and makeup, I also have to be particularly early as well. Was already up at 6am (my sister was up by 4!) and started to lay out all my cosmetics.

Since it’s graduation, I only want a simple look for her. The kind of look that’s natural since it’s a formal event. I opted to use neutral colors for her lids and very light foundation on her face. For her lips, I used Natasha Beauty’s Sheer Spa Lippie in Apricot but I had to place primer first so I can achieve a lighter shade. For her cheeks, I used Sketches Blush in a pinkish shade.

For her hair, I used barrel curlers the night before and applied hair spray so the curls will stay put  longer. The following day, I was able to achieve the hairstyle I wanted for her. Just a few hairpins at the temple then we’re done!

I can’t say that I did a really perfect job with her hair and make-up, but she loved it and that’s more than enough for me. During college days, I am always asked to do hair and makeup for my classmates since they don’t know much about makeup artistry.  And during my days in MagTV as host, I always have to do my own makeup for lack of time. So I’ve had a bit of practice as well. But learning is a continuous process and I am learning about the craft as much as I can more so with the trends that come and go. Hopefully, I can be better J

More photos!

Dad and my sister, Kaye.

Mom and her.

What I used on her:

Natasha Beauty Perfect Cover Concealer Stick in Satin
Ever Bilena Make-up Cake 555
Miss Beauty Felt Tip Liquid Liner
Fashion21 Eyeshadow Palette (Gold and Brown)
Natasha Sheer Spa Lippie Apricot
Sketches Blush
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Pencil (Medium Brown)
EB Advance Mascara 

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  1. hala. she's your sister pala ate?
    wow.. same field as yours ba?
    anyways, congrats to her and your fam! :)

    1. Hi dear! :) yup! she's my sister, pol sci ang course niya. hehe :)) thank you!

  2. soooo cute! :) congrats to your sister sis!! :) ang cute niya! <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi rhea! :)) thank you! nagmana sa ate. LOL

  3. Congrats to her! I like the wedge! I've been eye-ng for that since ages XD

    1. you go and buy na patty! hehe :) will review the wedges!

  4. Congrats to your sister. She looks so pretty like Ate :)

  5. nice look! congratz to your sister :))


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