Fab Looks

Friday, March 16, 2012
I am so not in the mood to write a super long post today. WHY?

1. I've got tonsilitis. Ugh. 
2. Didn't get enough sleep last night.
3. Problems @@

But while I was surfing over the www, tripped over these cool looks that I wish to do my own version of. I am currently in love with coats. All photos from Kute Club.

I swear I love the polka shorts she's wearing and I think I have an idea where to find it ;)

Hermione Granger in her pixie cut. :))

Have a nice day everyone! I'll try to have a nice day too. -,-

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  1. Stopping by from Blogaholic!
    I absolutely love Emma Watson's style - she is so chic and sophisticated! I could definitely never rock a pixie cut, but it totally works for her!

    1. i love her outfit in that particular picture :))

  2. I'm in love with coats, too! I've been searching online shops that sell them. Most of the stuff I found cost 1,000php above! Huhuhu! I hope I can find one soon that has a much affordable price. I hope you had a nice day! Get well soon :)

    1. we share the same sentiments, jen. they're too expensive online and they're for pre-order! cant wait that long. hahaha!


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