Fluffy x Giveaway

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Just this morning, I had a feeling I'd never get inside the office. Why? I left my keys at home! *ang galing!* Good thing I had these used call cards! With just a little perseverance and energy, I was able to unlock the doorknob! *yay!* Talk about being the next Lupin III.

LESSON: Never leave home without keys and always bring extra call cards, you'll never know when you might need them. 

Last night, I had a really happy time with our new puppy named "Fluffy" :) She's a cross between Japanese Spitz and Poodle and she is only a month a 20 days old. And yes, she is white and super fluffy hence the name :) 

 Look who came to visit me at the office! :D

When I brought her home, my mom was immediately drawn to her. Like who wouldn't? She is just the cutest ever! With her short stubby legs and furry body, you'd love to pet her :) However, my legs feel kinda sore in running after Fluffy and bending down to get her. She keeps getting under my bed! This morning I fed her dog food and milk and boy was she hungry! It's really fun to see her wiggle while she walks.  
I can't wait to have her full-groomed :) I can't bathe her yet since she's too young. 
She might not stand the cold yet.

Being new to the world of dog-owners, I feel like I have taken on a huge responsibility in keeping her healthy and safe. And with that said, I want to give her only the best. I just pray that I can become her bestfriend. Aww.. :') I miss Fluffy already, but a girl's got to work right? 

By the way, Jannie texted me last night to inform me of the giveaway we collaborated with! Yay! I'm so excited to give away an Eau de Parfum courtesy of Kai Fragrances :) 

Head out to Jannie's blog and join the SCENTsational Giveaway! :)) Click HERE.

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