I won a Giveaway!

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Hello everyone!

Please congratulate me! :) I just won Miss Angel Bauer's Giveaway! :) I am so happy to have won my first giveaway after being back into the blogging world. The moment I saw her email I was like.. wait for it.. YAAAAAAY! :DDDD


Now the next question is, what's the prize? The prize was generously sponsored by Plaid Crafts which means I will be receiving Craft Materials like these:

Martha Stewart, Stencils, Mod Podge

4 bottles Martha Stewart Paints
1 bottle Fabric Stiffener

1 bottle of Mod Podge

1 package of Fair Isle stencils

Ain't it sweet? There are a lot of things I could do with these babies! I am just so ecstatic to share this with you guys. I've been scanning around DIY blogs for quite some time and I've ran into Indie Fashion and Beauty. Lucky for me that she was hosting a giveaway on her blog and I just joined, she only required a comment and an email address. :)

Can't wait till the package arrives! Expect another post from me for that one. Oh well. Any suggestions on what crafts I can do for the prizes I won? Comment below guys!


  1. Congratulations! I have never won a giveaway before, pretty much because I dont participate on them. Nice prize. It's best for those who are creative. :D

    1. Thank you megan! :)) Why dont you try joining? :) Whi knows, you might win? I didn't even expect to win. Just joined for fun. HAHAHA

  2. wow! this is cool Kai! congrats!!! <3


  3. CONGRATULATIONS for winning the giveaway :D

  4. Congrats, dear!!! :D Those are a lot of art supplies! I can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  5. nice! :) I miss winning in blog. oh hopefully i win in your giveaway. :)


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