Leopard on Black

Friday, March 02, 2012

Thank God It’s Friday!

And yes I decided to go through the day with blacks and leopard skin...
 Here’s the look I created for today.

Guess what? My brother’s closet proved to be useful! I got the vest from him. It’s a little big for me but it’s perfect for the look. The leopard skin tank top is best to add a little color to the black ensemble.

For accessories, I used my golden owl key necklace. It’s one-stringed so it doesn’t overwhelm the whole look. Get the necklace HERE.

The bracelet is from my Sofisticada collection. Just a few pearls here and there.

Looks like I’m ready to party the night away! :DD
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  1. I like your outfit! You're pretty too! Let's follow each others blog? :)


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