Let's Count our Blessings

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good things come in small packages and one at a time.  J

This week has proved to be an amazing one because blessings have been pouring here and there. I wasn’t expecting them and it’s better that way so I don’t get disappointed. Here are the top five things that made my week:

1)      I will be hosting a new giveaway on my blog.
2)      Jannie will start my giveaway on her blog. Check her blog one of these days for my scentastic         giveaway! – http://jannieology.blogspot.com
3)      I will be reviewing a product ASAP J
4)      Received a gift of ALDO Booties from a generous friend!
5)      A new addition to our family and I’ll surely be posting a lot about her in the days to come. J

So there, I wasn’t able to post yesterday and this one’s rather short. Don’t worry dear readers, more posts will come our way. 

By the way, I updated the covers of my Kai Fragrances FB Page Albums. And this below is a new Profile Pic for the page :))

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