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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Nothing beats a daily post to brighten up my day :) If you're a regular blogger, you'll pretty much have the same thought. Today I'd like to share about my Make-Up Collection Wishlist.

When I was still with ABS-CBN's MagTV (a local telemagazine show in Zamboanga City) as a host, I used to buy and accumulate make-up, from brushes, color palettes, lippies and glosses, pencils and etc. Don't get me wrong, I have a sponsor for make-up but during those days, I was having a hard time balancing school and work so I'd skip going to the salon and do my own make-up, which means I'd have to collect all sorts of make-up and beauty products. But the sad things is, that was a long time ago already and most of my make-up either expired, "hinarbat" ng sister and cousins ko or were misplaced. Now, I have to start over again. 

And speaking of starting over, here's a few of my must-have products to complete my make-up collection:

Expandable Pink Aluminum Make-up Case
Credits to for the photos.
Isn't the color adorable? I'd opt for a case this size since I won't be collecting too many make-up products. HAHA:DD For me, it's essential to have one since I tend to misplace things. With this, my make-up will be organized in a neat fashion. Plus, the pink is tots attractive!

Photo from themightyj,

A complete set of NYX Make-Up Brushes. 
I only have a few as of now so a complete set would do wonders for me. NYX also seems to have great quality. :)

Photo from Maybelline's official site
Maybelline's Gel Liner. I must have this ASAP! I saw this on Jannie's and Noe's blogs (they're beauty bloggers). Any suggestions on where I can buy this? I haven't been to malls or beauty stores lately, so I am clueless on where to purchase this. Please drop a comment if you have an answer to my question. Thanks!

Photo from
NYX Concealer In A Jar. The salon where I go to patronizes this product. So I have already tested this one. Not sure on what tone I must buy though. 

Of course, what better way to have make-up removed... Clinique Take the Day Off. I am so tired of seeing mascara and oh-so-hard-to-erase eye liners after washing my sensitive skin with my fave soap and water. So this will defs do. Do we have it though in ZC?

These are just a few of the tons I'm dying to buy. Would have to save up for them though. 
>>What beauty/make-up products would you suggest other than the ones posted above? Drop a comment, dolls! Thanks in advance! Much love! :)))

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  1. i've always wanted to own a train case for make-up kahit wala ako masyadong make up! haha! :)

    1. It looks really neat and professional noh? :)) HAHAHA.

  2. Nice Kai..I want the brushes..hihih

    1. im sure they're very expensive but worth your money. hehe :))

  3. must haves lahat ng post mo. hehe. dreaming of that set brushes.

    1. hehe :)) thanks for dropping by nelka. for a make-up artist like you, it's a defs must-have! :)


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