March Accessory Stash

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello again everyone!
The other day, I went with mom to shop at a local store to buy some much wanted accessories.

Check out my March Accessories Stash :)) I am really into Fashion Accessories that aren't really expensive because I tend to get bored of them easily. And with the fast pacing trends these days, why should I stick to one design? So I got these from a local store.

I am into anything that's nautical, so here's my Anchor Connector Ring.

Heard of House Baratheon in the Game of Thrones? That's where I got the idea!
Don't you just love the color and the antlers? My sis told me its a deer with the chicken pox! LMAO

This one is my favorite! I love seafoods so I chose this bracelet. It's quite a heavy one.
I miss the beach! Will someone take me there? 

This one's a necklace. It looks like a Dream Catcher and it's got a feather.

These are earrings made of Capiz shells. Don't mind the chains. Hehe

Lastly, a wristband. Metallic glam. :p

That's all folks! :))

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  1. lovely accessories!! :) I miss accessories shopping! :) nakooo.. ang swerte natin sa aizilym dito! nyahaha.. ang mumura ng accessories eh noh? :) <3 <3

    1. super!! :))) swerte talaga! nakakainggit talaga ang dami nilang stocks rhea and andaming discounts! akalain mo, 50%? :))


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