My Take on Magnum

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Before I officially condition my mind for weekend bliss, let me share to you an end of the week post. I’m supposed to blog about Fashion/Beauty/Scents but I also consider this blog as sort of personal. So there are times I deviate.

Anyway, don’t you just love it when you have an understanding and generous boss? Yep, I certainly do! What made me say so? It’s because our good ol boss treated us with the much anticipated Selecta Magnum bars!

Selecta Magnum with Almonds

Yes, he asked our driver to go and buy some of these goodies which we will be able to get a taste of for the first time. You might have seen their ads on TV, or heard about it on Twitter and FB. It’s the craze in Manila, with all these young stars vouching for it.
Me eating Selecta Magnum with Almonds

Selecta Magnum with Almonds Opened

They say it’s a bit pricey for just ice-cream and yes, I might agree. Cornetto cones cost only half of Magnum’s price of Php50.00. So to finally get my boss’ money’s worth, I dug into the chocolatey goodness of Magnum. The timing was just right since we’re having power outage again, which lasted around 3-4 hours! (Precious time for surfing gone T.T) It was really warm and humid and ice cream sounded more than good enough for us.

Now on to what I think about it:
Me with Selecta Magnum with Almonds
The TV ad wasn’t exaggerating about the SFX (sound effects) made when you bite into the outer coating of pure Belgian Chocolate. It really makes that loud cracking noise! What we had was the Magnum Almond variation which meant pieces of almonds as part of my whole magnum experience. I really don’t like having almonds in my chocolate bars, cakes and most of all, ice cream. It’s better eaten alone or separate from the ones I’ve mentioned. But with this particular ice cream, I didn’t feel the need to scoop out all the almonds from it. It tasted really crunchy which was good.
Delicious Selecta Magnum with Almonds Opened

Now, nothing is really special with the inner content, it’s only vanilla ice-cream. I think the whole focal point of Magnum was its outer coat –which is yummy Belgian chocolate. When eaten together, the Belgian chocolate gives flavor to the vanilla ice cream.

I wasn’t supposed to be eating it because I haven’t fully recovered from tonsillitis. That is why I turn to a glass of water after! 

Glass of Water

All in all, magnum is too sweet to my liking. I’m largely a dark-chocolate type of person, I love things bittersweet. J Maybe, I’d try Magnum again on some other days. I’d go for a Cornetto Cone though, anyday! HAHAHA J

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  1. I haven't tried Magnum yet and I'm very curious about it but when you said it's too sweet for your liking, I'm already having second thoughts of trying since I too, am a dark chocolate fan. Nothing beats CORNETTO!!! Mwahahaha! :P :P

    1. tama! nothing beats cornetto tlaga, especially yung JAVA :) hehe. pero try mo na lang din jen. malay mo, you'll like it. HAHA

  2. Ice cream bars yum! And the puppy is so cute too! I found you on Blogaholic and I'm your newest follower!

    1. thank you natalie! :)) will check out your blog soon!

  3. when I invited my friend to try this, sabi niya "pinasosyal na pinipig lang man se"..
    well I'm still looking forward to try this, on my own! haha.

    1. guess she is right. HAHA! pinasosyal lang talaga! LOL

  4. i've seen a pink (or was it red?) magnum on the net! wanna try that one :)


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