Our New Carpet *bow*

Tuesday, April 03, 2012
We have a new carpet at home! I describe it as fluffy, white and soft.It likes to stay on the floor as where it should be. And it surprises you when you step on it. So far that hadn't happened to me.

It likes to travel all around our house, it's really an amazing carpet!

It even hides around the nooks and cranny of our humble home and stays there until we come and get it.

It's really one lazy carpet. All it does is sleep on the floor. It likes cold places. I even saw it near the open refrigerator refreshing itself! 

 Oh wait! How funny, it isn't a carpet after all! It's only Fluffy! :) Our baby girl at home... <3

Isn't she adorable? 

P.S. We just gave her a bath this morning and she's ready to visit the vet! :)) Yay! Do you have stories to share about your lovable pet? Hit the comment box now! ;p



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