Review: Geo-BerryHolic Honey (CM-958)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As cliché as it may sound, the eyes are the windows to the soul and yes, what better way to beautify these windows than to envelop them with these stylish set of Geo Soft Contact Lenses from the famed Red Jhelli Shop!

Honestly, this is the first review I will ever write for this type of product and I will write as objectively as I can to review my first set of geo lenses. I, for one, am a fan of contact lenses specially the ones created for fashion and during important events and photoshoots, I wear them for added glam-factor and freshness – depending of course on the type of lenses used. My first encounter with contact lenses was, as I remember correctly, tearful. It’s because I was a beginner and putting on even one lens was suffering enough. But with constant practice and enough advice from my little sister who is *hands down* a pro at wearing lenses, I eventually found an easy trick to wear ‘em in seconds! J Hurray for me!

Last Sunday, before going to church, dad handed over a package from Air21. And seeing it for the first time, I immediately knew that it was from Miss Jhia of Red Jhelli Shop. As for shipping, I had mine door-to-door and it’s amazing how fast the products were delivered.

Air21 Shipment


As advised, the item that’ll be sent to me is a pair of contact lens personally chosen by the owner of the store for review purposes. That's what I got plus samplers from Mary Kay and a brochure as well. I will be doing a separate review on those :) As you can see, the items are securely wrapped in pieces of bubble wrap–and in a neat way too! That’s a plus! Who would want to receive products poorly wrapped and in chaos? Well, I was definitely satisfied with the way mine was packaged. 

Red Jhelli Package

Before I could even get to the actual items, I noted how the product was encased with the shops personalized box with their logo printed on it. I simply love the design J Now, the lenses are in little vials filled with sterile solution to prevent foreign bodies from spoiling the product. I am very much OC or concerned with how my contact lenses are packaged since the eyes are very sensitive parts of our body. I make sure that the seal isn’t tampered or broken, in this way I can assure the safety of the products I use – same goes with make-up, lotion and even food!

Geo Contact Lenses CM-958

And yes, they come with lens cases too! It’s a safe place for your lenses to reside while you’re not using them or when you want to bring them along anywhere! These lenses also come with an instruction manual!

Geo Cm 958 Lenses with Case

Geo Cm 958 Lenses Complete Package


Product Type: CM - 958 (Berry Holic Honey)
Color: Brown
Base Curve: 8.60
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Power: 0.00

As for the actual product, as soon as I knew which product to review, I quickly checked out the product photo used by sellers to advertise the product. Of course, as a consumer, it is important for me to know that the real thing looks closely similar to the photos posted. There are times I get disappointed to receive products that don’t measure up to the standards being portrayed by their campaign photos which is true for online stores since you cannot see and feel the actual product –and therefore cannot vouch for quality. However, as soon as I saw the items, they were just as the photo suggested; the design, the color and size were accurate.

Me wearing Geo Cm 958 Lenses

Wearing the contact lenses were not as challenging for me since they are normal sized so it's not hard to put them on. 
With and without Geo Lens Cm 958
Left side (With lens); Right Side (Without lens)

Notice how the lenses make my eyes look much brighter than they really are and how it adds certain freshness to my face? Compared with a regular look without lenses, the one with lenses is more glam and fun.

COMFORT - 4.5/5
 To really guarantee the quality of the product, I gave it the whole morning as I went to church and decide if it’s worth my money. My eyes didn’t feel any dryness and my vision didn’t become cloudy at all. It almost feels natural, it feels like I wasn’t wearing lenses at all. Since the lens color isn’t far from the color of my eyes, it didn’t feel fake or anything. It’s perfect for corporate/formal affairs J I’d definitely wear this to work.

OVERALL - 4.5/5
The final verdict? Geo Lenses is worth your time and money!

Time for more photos! 
Me with Geo-Berryholic Honey

Me with Geo-Berryholic Honey 

Me with Geo-Berryholic Honey

The lovely set of Geo-Lenses are generously sponsored by the Red Jhelli Shop. :)
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  1. haven't tried wearing lenses pa. my friend's experience scared me, she was hospitalized pa due to severe eye irritation. tsk. she's fond of patronizing those trending cheap brand of lenses before.. but I heard raves and good reviews about geo's lenses though.. will look forward to that..
    really nice post. you look gorgeous. :)

    1. Hi dear! thanks for reading the post :) the shop sells only authentic geo lenses. it's super scary to be buying those cheap lenses cause you might never know the risks.

  2. Jhia is super generous indeed! Haha The lenses looks good on you! ;)

    1. Indeed she is, Patty :)) Thanks! Im hoping to acquire other colors as well. Hehe

  3. I never tried wearing contacts before. I'm deadly afraid of putting them on though.

    1. Hi Megan1 I only learned how to use lenses when I was 20. HAHAHA! :)) I was also afraid to use em but I saw how easy my sister does it, that's when I started :)

  4. you look pretty Karen..haven't tried to use lenses..hihihih..

  5. The lens look really good on you, Ate Kai! :D
    Natural and they aren't too big

  6. Love how this pair looks on you. NATURAL ang dating. :)


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