Review: Human ♥ Nature's Sunflower Cleansing Oil

Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh my, it’s Friday again!

Time indeed flies by so fast. I can’t believe the week’s going to end again. AS promised, today I’ll be reviewing some of my buys from the Human Heart Nature Shop! J I came to know HHN through a co-host of mine during my trip to Manila way back in 2010 J. I saw her kikay kit bulging with HHN products! And when I saw that it’s Philippine-made and 100% Natural, I started to scout for HHN products in Zamboanga! Lucky me, I saw that ZC has a few HHN dealers which is more than is needed.

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Let’s know more first about the company behind the brand. Gandang Kalikasan, Inc., the company that brings you the Human Nature range of natural beauty products is founded on three core principles of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR, & PRO-ENVIRONMENT which means that all their products are 100% safe and biodegradable. They only provide the safest and purest world-class ingredients for all their products. The believe that the Filipinos can manufacture world-class products and can be globally competitive as well. With regards to being environmental friendly, they even have a list of top chemicals to avoid and listed alternatives for these chemicals which can be found at their site.

Last week, after work, I asked my boyfie to go and visit the store located just in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral. It was already 6pm so we hurried and good thing the store’s still open. I didn’t need too much time in the store since I already had a mental note of which things to buy although I’d really want to see all the products and read the labels, however, there was a movie to catch and well, yeah, you know the drill.

So as soon as I reached the store, I only had to scan the display counter and reached out for the much-needed and wanted Human Heart Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil!

Price: Php 295.00 for a 200ML bottle with pump.
Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, natural fragrance

Here’s what the company says about their product:
"Oil stripping soaps lead to dryness and premature ageing. But high-grade natural oils can keep delicate skin rejuvenated without making it oily. Gently remove the most stubborn make-up with our pure, premium cleansing oil. Premium grade Sunflower oil also helps brighten your face and unclog pores to reveal glowing radiant skin!"

The product comes in a 200ML PET bottle with what we call a lotion “pump”. I like that the design is very simple and that the PET bottle is clear which is useful for gauging the content.  But since it’s bigger than the usual cologne PET bottles, it won’t be practical to just plunge it into your kikay kit. For someone like me who goes through weekly make-up sessions and shooting, I’d need a smaller version of this to bring to work since I don’t like make-up to stay longer on my face.

Actual Product:
Basically, the product is oil. So you wouldn’t expect to feel comfortable once you apply it. For minimum make-up on your face, you’ll only need a cotton ball but since I always have full coverage make-up I just pump some of the product onto my palm and apply it directly onto the face, carefully massaging on the places with high make-up concentration. I usually give it around 3 minutes. After which I either wipe off excess oil with a damp towel or tissue or completely wash it off with my favorite soap and water. I say that this product is really effective in removing stubborn make-up since it’s oil.  I use to turn to generic baby oils before to remove stubborn eye-make up (particularly mascara!) and it also works wonders! Just don’t forget to wipe off excess oil. Since it comes only in 200 ml bottles, it will quite last for 3 months or so depending on frequency of usage.

Now, this product has a hint of fragrance in it which is a plus for me because it makes the whole experience pleasing J And another thing I’ve noticed about the after-effects is that it makes my facial skin supple and soft! No kidding here! I love how it makes my skin soft to touch J Plus it’s natural, so I wouldn’t have to worry about health hazards.

My HHN Stash comes with a new manicure. HAHA :))

I’d give this product a 4.5/5. The only downside is that it’s pure oil and it feels uncomfortable to apply on the face –makes you feel icky! HAHA! Don’t you just hate having oily skin? ;P

Stay tuned for Part II where I will be reviewing Human Heart Nature’s Lippies!

DISCLAIMER: All products are bought using my own money and are not in any way sponsored hence opinions expressed here are my own honest opinions. 
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  1. san yan located? dun parin malapit sa mcdo?

    1. Hi Olyv! Yes, still near McDonalds :)) 2nd floor of the next bldg. :)

  2. like the packaging. it looks so organic. :D haven't tried their product though...


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