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Friday, March 02, 2012

Dolls! I have fragrantly good news!

I will be launching my own line of fragrances next week and to start I have six (6) new scents to love. Think or smell rather along the lines of the following fragrances because my fragrances are INSPIRED by these:

v  BVLGARI “Aqva” [For Men]

v  Dolce&Gabbana “Light Blue” [For Men]

v  JLo Glow “Sunkissed” [For Women] 
This one’s a favorite of my friend, Lei, she already reserved one bottle J

v  Estee Lauder “Pleasures” [For Women] 
 This scent is absolutely my fave! No wonder I chose it to be part of the collection.
 I highly recommend this!

v  Ralph Lauren “Polo Sport” [For Women]

v  Elizabeth Arden “Green Tea” [For Women] 
 This is my second favorite because it’s light and fresh.

v  Bath&Body Works “Sweet Pea” [For Women]

All scents are bottled in 60ml suave and frosted glass containers with silver caps. I personally made all the Eau de Parfum along with my brother so I can vouch for the quality of the products. The fragrance oils are imported from Grasse, France and they are very long-lasting.

Each 60 ml bottled fragrance only costs Php300.00 which is lower than most Eau de Parfums in the market. Every bottle is magic and is carefully made for the special you! They are perfect as gifts to family and friends.

I will be posting the pictures real soon but for the meantime you may place your orders now by filling up the order form HERE. 
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  1. you made the perfumes? cool! I wanna try em.. :) where can we find your store to test the scents? :)

    1. Hi miss bebe :) yes, we made them. but they're still not available as of now. in a week's time, i will be launching them na. :)) i don't have a store (yet!) maybe i'll do meet-ups for the meantime. thank you for dropping by today 

  2. hello! i love elizabeth arden's green tea!!!! reserve one for me too! been trying to look for one for some time...

    can you link me up as well??? please... am just too ecstatic today to find out this growing zambo bloggers community... :-) so been bloghopping since kanina pa... here's my links:

    just message me if how's the process for the perfume okies? :-) thanks!

    1. Hi charmie! :)) So glad to have seen your comment on my blog today. hehe. why don't we follow each other on blogger? :) as for the perfume, oh my! you're going to love elizabeth arden green tea! :)) as soon as it becomes available, i'll PM you, ok? thanks charmie!


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