Wednesday, March 07, 2012
There's no such thing as "Nothing to Post". HAHA. I almost thought otherwise. This is going to be a really short one. I'd just like to post a little teaser about a DIY project I'm currently excited about. I just brought the materials I'll need for the project and I named it Project: Fab. HAHAHA :DD

It's going to be a floral envelop clutch. My mom will sew for me the design I drafted. And once it's done, I'll be posting it here! :)) There's also another project that's on-going but I still have to wait till Monday of next week to see the finished product and yes, I'll be posting it here soon too.

So far, my fragrance collection is fairing well. Still need a few touch-ups. But it'll be out soon, I promise. I named the series: The Vintage French ♥ Collection.

My day has been a boring one. My partner, Lei, wasn't able to come to work so I was left alone in the office. But anyways, blogs keep me company. Yay! Hope you'll link me up.

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  1. good luck for your fragrance collection =)

    1. thank you athena and sorry for my oh-so-late reply. :)they're available now!


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