Vintage French Perfume Collection

Friday, March 09, 2012
Dolls! It's finally here! :)))))

My French ♥  Collection is finally here! Check out this teaser photo and then jump to HERE for the different scents we have! Please please support my Fragrance Line :)) Thank you!

And oh well, after the excitement over my fragrance line comes the dread for the upcoming Conference this afternoon. So to lessen that feeling, let me share my formal outfit for today. :))

 Eeek! I look fat! HAHA. But I've always wanted to gain some weight. If baby fats can be transmitted like blood, I'd sign up for it! :)) Don't you just love the frilly details of the top? I surely do!
I just love the design on my skirt! It's so colorful! Adds a splash of color to an otherwise boring conference.
HAHA! Top is from Divided which is Mocha-colored (seems like cream in the photo).
You think I am getting fat? HAHAHA. I'll post before and after photos, so you can decide. 

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  1. ang ganda ng packaging ng perfume.
    you look stunning too, btw.
    linked you up and followed you via GFC btw =)

    1. Thank you athena! :) hope other people will like my packaging. i always drop by your site :))

  2. Love your skirt :)

    Please join my giveaway if you haven't yet:

    1. hi! thank you for sharing your giveaway. will totally join1 those shoes are awesome! :)


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