Weekend Report!

Monday, March 05, 2012
Goodmorning Dolls!

I totally missed out on Sunday! Ggrr. I was just too busy with the shooting, church activities, girlfriend duties, business matters and a little bit of house chores. But as promised I am back! Hurray for me!

Let me share about my weekend to you guys. Last Saturday, I revealed about a cute outfit I wore to the VezTV shoot, and if you’ve watched the episode yesterday, you might have seen it. But first, let me introduce you to my make-up artist from Nhur Abubakar Hair and Make-up Place. The salon has been my sponsor for hair and make-up since 2007 – since my pageant days. I originally had “Shadz” as my make-up artist. He also had to wake up early for the make-up call time of 8:00am but just recently he had to go off somewhere so I have “Fruda” now as my make-up artist. And here I am with him at the salon J 

I just love the lipstick he applied on me – MAC Flavour; 
just perfect for a fresh and simple look.

I prefer my hair down than having it curled or in a bun. I had my hair dyed three times already, modesty aside, it has stayed soft, smooth and straight after all the treatments. [I have never undergone hair rebond Treatment, if you’re asking. Hehe ]

While being dolled-up, I was sneaking glances on my script. I don’t memorize the lines though. When you memorize lines, you end up jumbling the words. So I only take the gist then make up my own as I go on; not altering the idea though.

Okay, so much for that, on with the dress. For my Saturday shoot, I decided to go with a cream-colored lace bodicon dress and striped A-line skirt. I matched the outfit with red pointed flats. They say pointy shoes are only for moms, I beg to disagree though. As for the accessories, I went with my fave gold owl key necklace with the shiny red stones which complements the fiery red of the outfit and a bronze wristcharmer.
Well, here it is!

After the shoot, we had food and drinks from Chinito’s and a delectable dessert of rocky road ice cream!

I went on a shopping spree after wiping the make-up off my face. See my fab finds on my next post. Hihi :3
Au Revoir, mon ami! J

SPOILER: My fragrance collection is nearing its completion! I am so excited! 
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  1. glad to see you have so much fun kai! :)

    1. Hi Cedz! :)) Thank you! hehe.. super fun nga. Tc cedz!


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