What I did to Cucumber

Thursday, March 08, 2012
Howdy everybody!

I woke up extra early today not to be late for work but guess what? Still late. Anyway, I aint going to talk about that today. I just want to share with you the crazy things I did with...
 and more Cucumber!!! :DD

So I really hated the fact that the electricity went off for two long and agonizing hours, that is why I came up with this idea. Some cucumber slices were on the table so I took two and guess what I did.
 Applied it on my eye bags!
 Cucumber says it all.
Perfect eye-patch for one-eyed jacks! Hehe. Just kiddin' around.

And since we're talking cucumber right now, I might as well share some of it's beauty benefits, so listen up dolls! :)

One, it reduces the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, so no more fixes on photoshop! HAHA
Two, if you are worried about under eye puffiness, then cucumber will rescue your day! Because it decreases water retention and reduces puffiness.
Three, while some of us strive for sun-kissed complexion, freckles are just one of the side-effects we must go through but when you apply cucumber in tonic form and spread it over your face, you may easily achieve freckle-free skin.
Four, it simply improves and rejuvenates skin complexion and leaves your skin supple and soft.
Five, it helps treat sunburn because of its cooling effect which soothes your skin and speeds the healing process.
Six, cucumber juice helps tighten open pores!

So there you have it! Anyway, so much for cucumbers, I wanna share with you the outfit I wore today.

 Like I promised, just the outfit, HAHAHA :D
 Graphic Tee from Blazer's Limited Edition Shirts

Patterns of the skirt. 

I also went with the boyfi to try Jollibee's New Sundae Mix-Ins (MILO) last night.
I asked my boyfi to take a picture of me before the entrance of the establishment 
but he hesitated but hey I managed :)
Me and my nautical inspired look.

It's me and the boyfi!

Thanks for dropping by! :)) 
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  1. Wow! This is very helpful! Thank you for sharing! I'm going to try this cucumber treatment later! Mwahaha! :D

    1. Hi jenny :) Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked this post.Hehe. Goodluck on the cucumber treatment! :DD

  2. nice outfit. your skirt is really cool ;)

    1. thank you JM :) I always have trouble looking for a nice top for that skirt. Guess a shirt fits it very well :)

  3. Try putting the cucumbers in a blender then dip some cotton pads into the juice, put the cotton pads in the freezer, then use those later on for your eyes. Super instant cooling effect! hahaha :D nice looks ;)

    - Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

    1. thanks for sharing that tip mich! imma try it myself too! :))

  4. 6. Cucumber juice helps tighten pores. <- MUST TRY THIS SOON! Thanks for the tips Ate Kai! <3

    1. No problem langga! glad to be of help to anyone :))

  5. awwww.. cutie! :) I tried the whole cucumber thing before rin.. hihihihi very refreshing talaga! :)

    I love the nautical look there.. simple yet sexyyyy! :)


    1. what a coincidence rhea :) I was reading posts on your site and when I checked mine,your comment appeared. HAHA :DD I wonder if I have superpowers. HAHA. thanks by the way! :)) and excited with your styling project!!

  6. Seeing those cucumber slices, they'd probably end up in my tummy than on my eyes! haha

  7. I really learned something new today. :) Nice post.. and cute skirt! :)


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