Birthday Bliss

Thursday, April 19, 2012
There are a lot of reasons to be happy! And one of the reasons I am happy today is because Joelo has celebrated his birthday yesterday! We’re officially the same age now – young at 22! And I've got a lot of photos to speak for yesterday's occasion. This will be a HEAVY IMAGE POST, don't say I didn't warn ya! LOL

Right after work, dinner is on the list. So we (Joelo and I) headed to Alavar's Seafood Restaurant to get our much needed "seafood" fix. 

Zamboanga White, I really dunno what it's made of.
Makes me think of one thing though, LYCHEE!
The MAIN reason why I really wanted to go to Alavar's. BAKED CLAMS is BLISS :)
Seafood BILAO. Prawns, Crab, Baked Clams (yum!), Fish, Atsara ...
Joelo's choice. HAHAHA. Lechon Kawali.
Another one of his choices, KILAWIN de PESCAO.
Not your ordinary rice. Hehe.

It's a FEAST! 
Our little haven of seafood bliss! We both love seafood and its a good thing 
that none of us is ever allergic to them. 
//The Birthday Boy//

//The Birthday Boy's GIRLFRIEND ;p//

After a super hearty dinner, Joelo promised to bring me to Paseo del Mar to see the much publicized "Dancing Fountain". I know, I know, it already existed for a few months now, there wasn't really enough time to go to Paseo. So here are photos of us with the fountain behind us. 

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  1. Belated happy birthday to kuya! :) Btw, I like your "blazer" thing. Looks so chic!

  2. cute:) both good looking..:)

  3. i love the blazer you are wearing :)


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