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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hey Dolls!

I’ve always wanted to do a post on my everyday make-up regime. You might think that with all the reviews I do on make-up that I’d use a gazillion layers of them on my face every day. Hell no!

Overly made up
Everyday Look? No way!
Once a week, I always get all dolled up because of my Veztv shoot and the rest of the days I stay a minimalist (on the aspect of make-up). That’s because too much make-up on days when I’m just staring right into the computer screen doesn’t feel right unless I’m video calling someone, which is a terribly rare case. And because at times, I feel uncomfortable with too much make-up on, I want to let my skin breathe on days when it can.

Facial CAre
Facial Care first before applying make-up.
After having my face washed with my favorite soap and applying moisturizer, the only things I need will be:
1)      Concealer (Mousse or Stick)

2)    Pressed Powder in a shade that matches my skin tone.

3)      Cheek Blush (Tint or Powder form)

4)      Eye Pencil in Medium Brown shade

5)      Lipstick or Gloss (Depending on my mood)

Well, honestly, the only thing I’ll never leave the house without is *tenen* ---concealer! I just hate seeing those dull grayish bags under my eyes. They’re not so adorable to look at except when you’re channeling the Panda look. I have always loved Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer in Pure Beige. It’s just the right formulation and texture for me. I can spread it evenly without a fuss and it costs less than most concealers out in the market. The only problem is they’re always out of stock! L
Mousse Concealer

As for the pressed powder, I don’t go for full coverage. The only reason they’re there is to serve as the icing on the cake, meaning to top the concealer under my eyes. That’s all. J And since it’s in a shade which matches my skin tone, I am good to go!

That’s all I have for now. How about you? What is one thing you’ll never leave the house without?

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