Fiery Colors of Summer

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Hello everyone! I hope you all started your week right because I totally did by attending church service on Sunday and by bonding with my co-Generation Full Force members! I am totally excited to be implementing the plans/activities we have for this month which includes a Feeding Program, Love Drive, Distribution of Pamphlets and Fellowship with fellow youth in the church! That seems a lot! But we're really determined to do these activities for the glory of God with Whom nothing is impossible! 

Last Saturday, after my VezTV shoot, I went out with Joelo to have my outfit photos taken at the same time for bonding moments! :) Hihi. Since he lives in Sta. Maria, we chose Paseo De Jardin in Pasonanca as our photoshoot location. Hey, nothing serious! Just two people trying to get good photos but nothing overly professional. We headed to the location donning only my new baby "Cannon EOS 100D", tripod and a few make-up for retouches. Travelling light eh? sent me a few clothes to do looks on. So here are some of the photos we took that I deemed worthy of posting on this blog:

//Irregular Lap Sleeveless Yellow Dress from // Orange Bodicon Dress turned skirt / Accessories / Wedges from Cherry Plum Botique // Hair and Make-up by Fruda of Nhur Abubakar Hair and Make-up Place // 

Umbrella Ring from Cherry Plum. Bought this for only Php50.00. What I love about is that it's adjustable! Hurray! :3

The yellow top from was supposed to be a dress. It seemed like it on the model. But when I finally got to wear it, it's not even a dress- it's a blouse! HAHA. 

Trying to do a hair flip. Fail? LMAO
After the photoshoot, we headed to Greenwhich Camins to get some pizzas and drinks. :)

The supportive Boyfriend :D
Took some photos while waiting for our orders.

All Meat and Cheese Overload in Thick Crust. I took this shot. Super noob. LOL
 I still have another Outfit Photo to post sometime tomorrow. Hope I don't bore you to death with these. HAHA. :D Hey, join my Accessory Overload Summer Giveaway if you haven't yet! One winner brings home Php1,000 worth of Accessories from Eazy Fashion! 


  1. I love the colors that you're wearing and that umbrella ring is so sick ;)

  2. Awesome Kai! Those are indeed very fiery colors that are absolutely perfect for summer. You look like a doll yourself. :) Love the umbrella ring, by the way, and the asymmetrical top/dress. :D

  3. Sabi ko na talaga kilala ko yung guy (boyfriend) haha friend siya ng friend ko si Natty! :)) Just saying. Anyway i like your wedge AND THE RING! mahal ah 30 lng yan sa mix and match :)))


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