Guest Post: 5 Free iPhone Apps for Fashion Bloggers

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to take a break and let someone do the talking for me. :> Please help me welcome Daniel, a tech writer and our  "Guest Blogger" who will talk to us about Technology! But since this is a Fashion/Beauty blog, he'll be writing about something that would really interest the fashion-savvy  crowd. Take it away, Dan! :)

 1. ShopStyle- It is an one-stop source for home d├ęcor, shoes, clothing and accessories. This iPhone app will gather all the latest products from the stores you prefer, and help you in browsing through them, right from your iPhone. With a powerful search engine, you can easily find what you want without wasting any time. Aside from that, it is possible to save the products directly on this app as this will help you in remembering your favorite item. 

2. Glamour Ask a Stylist-If you have doubts whether your outfit matches or is appropriate, you can ask a stylist, by using this app to take your picture and sending it directly to the editors of Glamour magazine. Best of all, you get reply within minutes. This app also allows you to share your question with public and get advice from throughout the US. This can help you a great deal in solving your wardrobe dilemma without any need for customer service number. 

3. Seventeen Fashion Finder- This app allows you to browse through the hottest trends either by your style (boho, romantic, girly, etc.) or by item (such as shoes, trousers, jeans, or sweaters). Once you find the clothing you are interested in, you should enter your preferred color and size that you’d like, and the Fashion Finder immediately tracks down your requirement in the nearest store. 

This app even puts that clothing on hold, just for you to enable you to try it on! Really cool, isn’t it? Aside from this, it also allows you to browse through celebrity’s picks for the season. 

4. Gilt On The Go-If you’ve not heard of this iPhone app, and then you are definitely missing out something! The Gilt Group (makers of the app) have website that allows you to take part in their amazing sales (up to 70 percent off!) for major brands such as Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and like that.

As their sales take place at a specific time, you should have access to the Internet to get the most promising products early. And, you can do that using this iPhone app. Using this app, you can shop directly using your mobile without dialing any phone number! 

5. This iPhone app helps users in viewing the best that fashion world has to offer. You can easily browse through hundreds of interesting fashion photographs from Milan, New York, London and Paris. With this app, you can get immediate access to each and every look on the catwalk. You also get instant pictures and part coverage from around the world without searching for any phone numbers. 

This guest post is written by Daniel. Follow him on twitter : @thetechlegend


  1. at bibili na talaga ako ng iphone next month! yey! <3 cant wait. nyahahahaha :D

    P.S. love your new theme here Kai ;)

    1. Thank much bebe :) Wow, congrats in advance on the new phone! <3

  2. gonna try to download it sis asap! ;)

  3. gonna try to download it sis asap! ;)


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