Guest Post: Love for IPhone 4 Cases

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello Everyone! :D

Wow, it's Friday already and the 13th at that! Hope everyone is extra careful today regardless if they myth is true or not. Being tactful in everything goes a long way.  

Anyway, are you guys familiar with guest posting? Today, the limelight will not be on me but on someone who has become a friend and a little sister to me.Someone who shares the same interest as I do in makeup and fashion and who has her own niche in the blogging world. I'd like to thank her for accepting my offer to guest post here because I honestly think she has great things to share! Her name's Jannie and she's the face behind "Jannieology: Makeup, Beauty and lot more!". Let's all give her a warm round of applause! (Channeling my hosting powers here! Hehe :D)


Aside from makeup, another thing I happen to collect are iPhone 4 cases!

One of the things I really like about having an iPhone happens to be because there are tons (and I mean tons) of cute iPhone 4 cases being sold everywhere these days! They come in silicone-like cases, "jelly" cases, hard cases, front covers, back covers, whole body cases, 3D cases... The list goes on and on... Of course like all other stuff for sale in the market, there are "original" ones and replicas that are just as good as cost less than half the price of the original one! *wink*

I have a fairly small collection because I only recently got into hoarding iPhone cases but no matter how small my current collection is, I'd still like to share it with you guys! So here it is.

My current favorite is the Rilakkuma soft case which cost me only P290 at a local store. I think it's really cute though it can be a bit bulky at time. I get a lot of compliments, questions and stares whenever I take my phone out of my bag and it's housed in the Rilakkuma case. *lol*

So there you go. That's it for my collection. I placed in a couple more orders for new cases so watch out for that on my personal blog ( Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm quite happy to be doing a guest post on Ate Kai's blog. More power everybody!


Thanks for sharing your Iphone cases collection Jannie! I think they're adorable! Specially the one with the camera print :D 

For more of Jannie, visit her blog.:D There you go folks! It's actually my first time to have someone guest post on my blog but I think it's fun! Want to share with my readers? Send me an email or go to my Contact Page :D Take care everyone! :)


  1. OMG gusto ko dinung camera case kaso BB celly ko haha anyway all are cutr ung bear2 din sa last photo! <3

  2. what a nice cases i really admire your cool work for posting that images. now view my cases collection.

  3. I think its a great post you create about different type of cases i really admire your work, keep sharing such unique stuff here.


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