Accessory Overload Summer Giveaway! [Closed]

Monday, April 16, 2012
Hurray for Monday!!!

You have probably read or seen my announcement in my social media sites about a giveaway planned for today and as promised I am giving away precious loot for all my beautiful readers!

I am really thankful to my blog sponsors who have been really generous as to letting me host giveaways for them. For this month, I am running two giveaways! The first, I think you might have joined that one already (but if you haven’t yet, join my Trendy Summer Giveaway now!) and the second ---well, here it is!

I have collaborated with Eazy Fashion for this giveaway. Eazy Fashion is an online store catering to the needs of every Fashionista with the fashionable and trendy accessories they have in store. One thing you'll surely love about this store is that they have a variety of accessories to choose from - from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and all things "kikay"! Check out Eazy Fashion now!

As soon as I knew what products they’re giving away I thought this will be fun and the value for the prize is just amazing! Eazy Fashion and will be giving away:

Php 1,000.00 worth of Eazy Fashion Accessories!

That’s not all! This giveaway will run for three weeks and in each week, one lucky winner will be chosen to bring home these amazing prizes! Wow! Which means 3 lucky winners will be chosen for the duration of the giveaway! That’s Php3,000.00 worth of fashionable accessories from Eazy Fashion! If you're not a gal/girl, you can still join because this is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, mom or sister! Not excited yet? Well, let me share the photos of the Prizes for Week 1! 
Leather Braided Charm Bracelet
High Notes Studded Adjustable Ring
Braided Leather Watch in Differnt Colors! Winner gets to choose the color! :D
Jewel Crescent Moon Necklace

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  • Helpful TIP
    With my first giveaway, I noticed that most of the participants didn't sumbit links of their tweets and FB Wall posts. SO to prevent that, I included this short manual for beginners. If you don’t have any idea how to get the link of wall post, here are steps for you to do:
    First, update your status using the message I asked you to post. Don’t forget to tag Eazy Fashion's FB Page otherwise your entry will be invalid! Do that by typing @.
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  • When you’re done with that, head over to your wall post and click the time indicated just below your post (example: 22 hours ago)

·         After doing that, the only thing that you will see on the fb screen is your original post. 
Now head over again to the address bar and copy the link indicated there like this:
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Helpful TIP:
>>>If you don’t have any idea how to get the link of the tweet, here are steps for you to do:
>>>First, tweet the message I asked you to tweet.
>>>When you’re done with that, head over to your tweet and click “OPEN” 

     The tweet now expands and shows other information like date and time and DETAILS. Click Details. 
           >>Once you clicked details, the tweet will be the only thing reflected on the screen, like this:
·         >>>  Now, head to the address bar and copy the link! You may now paste it into the Rafflecopter App. 

·         Easy right? Now on to the Rafflecopter App! This giveaway is open only to "Philippine Residents". :D Goodluck!

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  1. I will wear Eazy Fashion's accessories whenever I feel like using 'em. They are easy to mixed and matched with. ☺

  2. Where would you wear Eazy Fashion's accessories if you win the giveaway?

    Summer is here and these accessories are perfect for getaways! they are even perfect for the usual "laag" with friends. And I would love to have them! :D

  3. Where would you wear Eazy Fashion's accessories if you win the giveaway?

    i would wear it when we go to bataan for vacation

  4. I'll the accessories whenever I'm going out and in special occasions..^^

  5. Incase I'll win this giveaway, I'll use this on special events. :))

  6. I will wear it everyday for work, for going out, and even just when I'm hanging out with friends :D

  7. I will wear it everyday (especially when I'm going out) to let my simple outfit became so FAB. :)

  8. i WILL wear it for my birthday party to be memorable..

  9. If I win the giveaway, I would wear Eazy Fashion's accessories for those fun casual days! :)

  10. i will wear this everyday , it can easily match with your clothes. =)

  11. I would wear Eazy Fashion's accessories if i win the giveaway, everytime we go strolling with my family =)

  12. I'm sure gonna wear this everyday, everywhere... Hoping to win! :D

  13. Where would you wear Eazy Fashion's accessories if you win the giveaway?
    If i get lucky to win this i will wear it whenever there are special occassions and events.

  14. I will wear it on my upcoming Palawan getaway and show it off in all of my pictorials in there. :)

  15. I would wear it whenever I go out! The necklace would be worn everyday!

  16. I will wear it this for summer and the incoming first semester ;)
    I'll be one fab chick ;D

  17. i will wear it with care when i go to the church.

  18. I will wear it proudly every office days..

  19. i will wear it when we go to Hongkong for our international convention to have a fashionable look :)

  20. i will wear it every time i go down town or go to a party.. i love using accessories every time i go somewhere public :)

  21. Where would you wear Eazy Fashion's accessories if you win the giveaway?

    Me and my boyfie will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary together on May 21st, If I win this I will surely wear it on our date. :D

    Hope to win! :D


  22. i would wear it everyday..
    ♥ on office,
    ♥ on a sunday mass,
    ♥ on a date with the hubby and our kid,

    perfect! i really like the braided watch, (parang eto yung suot ni Angel Locsin sa Unofficially Yours)


  23. I will wear every time I will go out and to special occasions.

  24. Where would you wear Eazy Fashion's accessories if you win the giveaway?

    Gonna wear those accessories anywhere, anytime. :))

  25. i think i can wear it anywear anytime cute design and fashionable i like the watch and bracelet the most cutie! parang teenager lang.

  26. I would wear it everyday even when Im at home! Well especially on the upcoming christening of my baby. Hope to have it. :)

  27. I'll defintely use it. :)

  28. LIGAYA PUNO4/20/12, 1:03 AM

    if ever i win i will use it at work everyday cute and fab nice giveaway!

  29. Cherry Cacho Puno4/20/12, 1:21 AM

    i would wear it every sundays where me and my relatives get together i like to wear something new that they dont see i wear all the time. i like the watches pretty.

  30. I'll be wearing them on special occasions or when I'm just going out with friends. :)

  31. I will wear these everyday since they go with any outfit i have :)

  32. I would wear it everyday, in any occasions coz its very fashionable.. :)

  33. I will wear Eazy Fashion's accessories at the office because they are classy and stylish I can mix them with my daily outfit.


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