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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Can anyone guess what day it is today? Well, it's already Wednesday! Can't believe how fast time really flies. But anyway, it's another day to be thankful of cause God has given us another day to live and enjoy His creations :)

Yesterday, as I was scanning thru my old files on the lappy, I saw some photos of mine way back in college, some taken by my classmates and some taken by pros. It has just been a year and a few months but I feel like it's been ten years! I just want to share them to my readers. Allow me to be narcissistic for now please? ^,^ I was supposed to pose my outfit photos for today but ggggr I'm having trouble transferring the files to my pc :( Help anyone!?

Photo from our Photography Class in College. Taken by my friend, Analie :D
Another photo from Photography Class. Taken by Phil :)
Photo by Phil. Also the time I started using false lashes.
Photo by Analie. Taken inside our "Production Room" :)
Who would've guess I took these photos thru my phone? HAHAHA.
Photo by Phil which I edited. 
The thing I love about this photo is the feeling of childishness. Looks so carefree!
Photo was taken at St. Francis in Pasonanca where we had our Devcom Presentation. 

What I would have looked like with red short locks. Please note that I'm wearing a wig here although I'm really planning to have my hair bleached and have it dyed a flaming red like Lookbooker Cosette's. :) What do you think? I'm just scared that it'll damage my hair strands permanently. :(

I hope the photos didn't make you puke, hehe. These photos just make me walk down the memory lane --thru college days spent with my closest friends and loved ones. 

PS: Our home looks like a zoo now. Mom recently purchased a pair of lovely birds. Will post it here next time when photos are ready! :DD


  1. Let's dye our hair red together!! :)

  2. I think you're beautiful :) I love the red wig on you. I actually want to die my hair red too but not now I guess since my hair's really damaged from all the rebonding treatment. :)

  3. pretty sis! love the pics esp you the red wig..:)

  4. doesnt look like a wig, it looks like a real hair, :)

  5. LUVLY eyeglas...#OTO2506...

  6. lovely photos! I love it! :D

    P.S. I think you still look cute with that short reddish hair Kai! hihihihihi :D

    xoxo, rhea bue

  7. through the times pretty mo pa rin..:0


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