Little Blue Girl

Saturday, April 21, 2012

//Navy Blue Blazer and Top from local store//
//Yellow Shorts from my closet (I've had it for the longest time!)//
//Navy Blue Flats from Cherry Plum Botique//
//Bracelet with Heart Pendant from Eazy Fashion//

"You do not need to be rich to become fashionable."

I firmly believe in that :) Although you'd get the most fabulous things with large sums of cash, I'm very proud to say that I didn't shell as much money in this look. :D I just love the contrast between the navy blue blazer and the yello combo of top and shorts :) And I really wanted a sort of a childish appeal so I decided to put my hair up. Did I achieve it though? 

I decided to wear flats since I don't want the whole look to go overboard. I wanted to achieve a look that's sort of dressed down. And besides I love wearing flats, they're sooo comfy! <3 And because it's summer, you can always go crazy with colors...just because! HAHAHA :D 

PS: I wore this outfit on my Birthday Bliss post, I just thought that this can wait ;p Have a nice weekend everyone! I will be announcing the winner of my Accessory Overload Summer Giveaway anytime on Monday! :D


  1. i love the gray on the blue blazer. :-) and definitely blue+yellow is a happy combi kaya perfect :-) super like

  2. I super love the blazer Kai! Love the colors as well! <33

  3. I love the entire look + makeup + hairstyle. Lookbook na!

  4. Where did you buy the blazer? I like! Haha and such a cutie with your hair up! :3 Agree with your post it's not the brand or how much your clothes are but how you carry it :)

  5. you really pulled through that navy blue blazer on your printed top!

    BTW, if it's not that much to ask, I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I hope you can check it out here --- ( Thanks!

  6. oh you're such a cutie! I want the blazer HHAHA :) so fab!

  7. how do you maintain your sexy body?


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