My Thoughts on Melissa Ribbon Wedges

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
The craze has been going on and on for weeks in Facebook Online Stores. At first, I looked at it as something that will eventually die down and I won’t have to buy them myself in the near future. But guess I was wrong in assuming that. What? I am referring to the oh-so-famous Melissa Ribbon Wedge in their all-colorful and mighty glory. LMAO!

The box intended for my wedges with my name on it :D
 Some people don’t buy things that are largely popular over the net just because they’re all for “I –am- unique-therefore-I-must-not-buy-the-same-things-all-people-are-going-gaga-over”. But no, I am not against those people and I for one can be like that at times J So please don’t get mad at me. Hehe.
Melissa Ribbon Wedge in Beige :)
Anyways, how did I end up with my new, hot-out-of-the-oven (exaggerating here!) Melissa Ribbon Wedgies? Four sundays ago as I posted, I went to our church and met up with my friends. And one thing I noticed about 3 of my closest friends at church were their shoes –and yes, they were wearing Melissas.

I wear this to church when I know I wont be walking a lot :)
What really struck me was that how good it really looked up close or as we say -in personal! They looked really fab and they make your legs look slender. For tall girls like me, I won’t really need them, but the feeling you get towering over all the others well, makes you feel good. Hehe. So I asked my friends where they got them ---and voila. After a few days, I am happily donning one to the office!
Side-view of the wedge.
Aesthetics. Since I am the girly, “kikay” type of person, the design of the wedges will satisfy me. Plus the cute ribbon that’s situated at the front is an eye-catching addition to the whole design. 

Cute ribbons!
The wedges come in six different colors. And I opted to purchase the beige Melissa’s. It’s just that they look neat and clean and fresh! For more daring gals, you can choose the eye-popping yellow or the hot pink wedgies. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can go crazy with colors.

Fit. I am typically a size 7 person. But when I tried on my friend’s pair which was size 7, it was quite loose-fitting. So I got a size 6 for myself and it fit me snugly. At first I thought they’d be a great pain to my feet but I was surprised to note that they aren’t tiring. Plus it isn’t at all difficult to walk with the pair on. For those who aren't really into sky-high stilettos, this is a good alternative since you won't literally have to balance yourself forever. Lol :D

PS: I should have posted this a month ago. Long and overdue post. ;) You must have seen this pair on my Outfit photos so yeah :o

***I also just bought a domain name for my blog! Hurray! :DD You may now use to be redirected to my blog :D I'm also planning to do a new layout for the blog but since I'm too busy, will let someone else do it :D


  1. "the feeling you get towering over all the others well, makes you feel good." hahaha! I know what you mean! I'm tall too and my friends always remind me not t wear heels. LOL :) I find the Melissa Wedge glamorous especially for tall girls but I'm having second thoughts because of what others think. Hmf.

  2. I love this color. I would've picked the same too. I'm just afraid that the plastic will eat into my skin. My feet can get sensitive to plastic/rubber footwear. Does it not hurt?

    1. Patsy! The plastic didn't "eat my skin" and it doesn't hurt. :D I dunno if my feet are just calloused or not hahaha nevertheless it feels comfortable :DD

    2. Patsy! It doesn't eat my skin. At least that's how it felt. Hehe. Maybe my feet are just calloused. HAHAHA.

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    1. Sure! Please leave your link and name :))

  4. Gusto ko tlg bumili ng gato kaso lagi out of stocks :( what's your size? congrats sa new domain! :)

  5. I love this pair but I can't find this in Melissa's website :(


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