REVIEW: Firmoo Optical Sunnies

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
I've been juggling a lot of things at the same time lately --it's crazy! But I promised myself to dedicate a few hours to blogging and I guess I'll get through this :)

I received a message from the Airport Post Office last Tuesday (April 17, 2012) about the arrival of my package. I didn’t know who among my sponsors sent it so I was a bit excited to know what the contents were. Honestly, it was my first time to claim a package from the Airport Post Office and poor me, I didn’t know or maybe I haven’t noticed before that there was a post office there. Ignorance is not an excuse. LMAO

I quickly headed off towards the Airport located at Gov. Camins and headed straight to the Post Office. Well, you can just see it from the entrance. A woman behind the desk greeted me and asked what she can do for me. I can think of a lot but I decided to tell her about my package.

I was thinking maybe it’d be a large package but it wasn’t, that didn’t dampen my hope though. Hehe. When she handed me the parcel it was sort of lightweight and the documents said that the content is a sunglass.

After 15 days of waiting, my sunglasses from Firmoo Optical finally arrived! I almost forgot about it and I thought it will never come but the thing I should remember is that international shipping usually takes that long. I must say the long wait is worth it! I’ve been planning to really purchase a pair of sunnies but since this arrived; I might postpone it for a few more weeks before getting a new one.

I personally chose the design for the sunglasses. I use to have white nerdy glasses but my sister destroyed it :’( so I opted to choose a white one again. I love the design on this one. It’s simple and yet stylish. The ombre effect on the glasses is perfect to protect my eyes from the glare of the sun.

It’s not called Wrap-Around Glasses for nothing, you know. When you wear them, it sticks to your face and this avoids falling off. Hehe. It also helps that you have a prominent nose bridge though. Hehe :D

The sunglasses are also lightweight but you can sense that it is made of high quality materials. I can only imagine how good the other sunnies would look!

Thank you Firmoo Online Optical Store for the stylish sunnies!

Forgive me for wearing sunglasses indoors. HAHA! But I think they're really perfect for the summer season especially now that the sun's really scorching. If you want one then don’t waste time and head over to my Trendy Summer Giveaway and win a sunnies of your choice! 20 lucky winners get to win! Goodluck! Just a few more days left before the big announcement of winners!


  1. waaah so amazing kai! when i first saw this give away, (after seeing all other give aways you did for all the girls out there)Firmo sunglasses made me join! wow! haha, i will pray tonight to win one of the 20! hahahaha

  2. Yay!!! I hope I win too! Love how the sunnies look on you. :)

  3. i love their products. :) sumali na ako sa give away ahahaha

  4. I recently won a giveaway where the prize was glasses of my choice from Firmoo. They're really great. A lot of my friends commented that they look great. The one you selected looks great too. If it's from Firmoo, we're assured of quality glasses.


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