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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How have you been? Work week’s been rubbing me the wrong way. But thank God for these goodies I found lying on the living room table J It was more than good to know that these came from one of best online shops that offer customized products. Nothing beats having your own sense of style, right? And that’s where Personalized Accessories come in.
Personalized Accessories is an online store dealing with acrylic-made accessories such as necklaces, rings and stands. Hold your horses. Some online stores pride themselves in being resellers but PA is proud to say that they are the manufacturers of their own products and how is this possible? Well, they have their own machine! No worries about availability then. Just perfect!

Excited to see their products? Here are some of the items they sent me:

Glasses x Mustache Necklace

Eiffel Tower x Heart Necklace

Arrow Down Mirrored Gold Necklace from Simply Stunning Collection

The first two necklaces are both made of acrylic and are cut into really unique designs. I’ve seen a lot of fashionistas nowadays being addicted to the Mustache fashion- even saw it on one of Lookbooker Cosette’s youtube videos.
Me wearing the Glasses x Mustache AN

Quality: 4/5
>>I give it an almost perfect score because I simply like the material used for the products because there’s a sturdy feel to them but at the same time they’re lightweight which makes me feel more comfortable with wearing it. And so far, as for the metallic sling, I haven’t experienced any discomfort (e.g rashes). The arrow down mirrored necklace is love! I can even use it as a mirror if something gets into my eyes! HAHA.

Design: 4.5/5
>>I have seen PA’s albums on Facebook and Multiply for the different items available and I must say, their items are must-haves! PA’s Simply Stunning Collection is simply adorable in all their geometrical shapes glory. Plus you get to choose between normal, glitter and mirrored designs in different colors. Their acrylic necklaces also come in unique designs – which means you won’t find them elsewhere.

Price: 4.5/5
>>I admit, I’m the thrifty kind of person. I don’t go for the uber pricey products especially when I think that it’s not worth it or if I find other products that are of the same quality and costs less. I am no fan of brands J When I saw the price for each unique piece, I said to myself “These are affordable!”. You can easily immerse yourself in the diff. pieces they have and won’t come out empty-handed!

Overall: 4.5/5
>>My experience with Personalized Accessories products is more than satisfactory. Their items are just lovely and sophisticated at the same time. Factor in the immediate/quick customer service and processing of orders and you’re in for a treat J It’s also a plus that the shop owner is sooo nice! <3

Personalized Accessories Products are available online! 
Thank God they’re online! Quick, visit PersonalizedAccessories now!

DISCLAIMER: All products are generously sponsored by Personalized Accessories for review purposes however all opinions are 100% objective.

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  1. Diggin' the ARROW DOWN necklace. Looks cool! :D


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