Winning Another Giveaway? YEY!

Monday, April 02, 2012
Winning seems my forte. *wink* 

What happens if you win a second time? Well, I'll tell you. You *screaaaam*, tell someone who's near you at the moment then if you're a blogger, naturally you write a blog post. HAHAHA :D

Once again, congratulate me. Please don't get tired of congratulating me. It adds to my happiness. Just this morning, after getting pissed off with the internet connection, I checked my Twitter and Gmail and got a message from my friend Prei and owner of Walk That Style blog saying that I won his and Hermana 101's giveaway! Ain't that neat? All smiles here. 

Everyone wants to win at some point. And for me, joining giveaways is just for fun and who knows if I win? That's only an added bonus. :)  Hermana 101 and Walk That Style blog's prize will be two (2) customized slings!

Yey! Here is the answer that made me win the giveaway:
I didn't write this post to brag or anything. We're free to do anything we want right? So, thank you very much, Prei and Hermana 101! :) I am also hosting a giveaway on JANNIEOLOGY (Jannie's Blog). Go check it out! 
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  1. Congratulations Kai. I'm going to message you about your prize. :)

  2. congrats karen, you are one lucky girl on the giveaways. :)


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