Color + Cut = New Look

Monday, May 07, 2012
They say when we, women, get stressed or are undergoing extreme trauma and emotional what-nots, we usually take it out on our tresses. I'd say that maybe there's a little truth to that. But when I do something to my hair like have it colored or cut, that simply means I want to have a new look! :> I have been sporting the super long hair look for quite sometime now and I find it very tiring to comb long tresses all the time (lazy ass is me). 

Just last Saturday, after my VezTV shoot, I decided to finally go to the salon and get a much-wanted hair makeover (color + cut). I've been a regular at the Nhur Abubakar Hair and Makeup Place basically because the salon has been my sponsor for hair and makeup since 2007! They are located at a new place - Pilar Street, just fronting Print&Paper Specialist. :>

The night before, I was already planning to get the Ash Blonde color for my hair and decided to really go on with it. I scheduled the hair makeover at around 1pm and here are some the photos I took while my hair was being dyed.
Ash Blond Shades
Undergoing Infrared Treatment for the color to really stick.
2nd round for the highlights
Funny face! lmao>:D 
The Before photo was taken around 10am and the After photo was taken at 6pm
 so there's a large difference in makeup freshness. LOL
The ever supportive "Mommy" Nhur Abubakar (Owner of the Salon)
Chillin' at Paseo del Mar with Crush Choi :D
 So how do you guys find my new look? I know the Ash Blond was not totally achieved because my hair has been dyed three times already prior to this new visit to the salon.. So the color did not really stick on the lower strands. I love the ombre effect though :> But notice how evident the color was on the upper portion? That's because new growth started on that portion already so it could be considered virgin hair. Mommy Nhur also advised me not to bleach my hair to prevent breakage and dryness. 

I'd advise you girls to research first before getting a new hair color :> There is something about cool and warm tones which matches your skin and eye color. You can go visit Hair Styles Design for more information.

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  1. Hey that's nice! Layered color instead of layered hairstyle. Inspiring...

  2. love it sis! i also wanted to color my hair again but still have no time for it grrrr. love your new hair color. bagay talaga sayo.. :)

    1. thank you sis! yes, need talaga ng mahabang time for this :(pakulay na sis! then make a blogpost! :))

  3. Wee I got to see this in person!
    Kaya I sort of made duda if that was you in Paseo kasi in my head I was saying "Wait, I don't remember Ate Kai being blonde" hahaha
    It really suits you, Ate! :D

    1. Hihi! kaya pala dear parang hesitant ka mag-hi! hehe. :) i also forgot na baka you wont recognize. kakakulay lang kasi sa hair. hehe

  4. love the new cut and color Kai! :)
    we're both on ash blonde now. hehehe :D
    sana pinableach mo lahat para bongga :)
    but the highlights turned pretty nice naman :)

    1. I wanted to have my hair bleached rhe.. kaso mommy nhur decided againts it. masisira daw ung hair:( pero oks lang i will re-color my hair in a few weeks time! hehe

  5. Omg! I love your new hair! Winner!

  6. It looks lovely on you! I'm planning to have mine done before June..

  7. Like the color but I think it would have been better if the lower strands had the same color too :) Hehehehe I know what you mean about damaged hair though. My lower strands are also damaged due to rebonding. Medyo inverted ombre effect yung sayo haha

  8. New hair looks good on you! Pretty kht ano ichura! I saw you sa tv! Bst ung sa Teen Zamboanga :D Nahiya ako ng sandali :D


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