EVENTS: Miss Teen Zamboanga 2012

Thursday, May 03, 2012
Miss Teen Zamboanga is one event that a lot of people are looking forward to here in Zamboanga City, especially when it's summer. It's a pageant that gives the teens an opportunity to showcase their talents, beauty and intelligence against other competing teens :)  The event was held at the Garden Orchid Convention Center on April 29, 2012. Clever trick to have it on the eve of a holiday *wink* (This made me attend!)

VezTV & Sky Cable Zamboanga happen to be one of the major sponsors of the event since we provide the coverage for them and so I was asked to do some spiels during the event and was also invited to become one of the presenters of awards. Our director wanted me there because I had experience joining Miss Teen sometime in 2007 :> 

Here are some photos of the event:

The show somewhat started very late in the evening, but I guess the audience already expect this.  By 9pm, the ball got rolling.  A performance by the reigning Miss Teen opened the show and I must say she is really good in dancing! :>

Here's a snap of the pretty young ladies in their production number with outfits provided by Natasha! Seems summer-ry to me! Nice and bright colors for these teens only seem right!

Awarded Candidate No. 7 for the Miss Telegenic Award sponsored by VezTV & Sky Cable!
Awarded Candidate No. 9, Ces Daung, 2nd Runner Up :>
And of course, interviewing the newly crowned beauty queen, Sharmaine! :)

Of course, I took the opportunity to take some snaps of my fab friends! :>

Daddy Jerrick Go and me
With Hazel, Sky Cable's Sales Officer/Segment Host/Producer
Kuya JR Silva, Zamboanga's top events host and a very good friend of mine :>
Joelo posing with Kuya JR as well.
Favorite friend, Crush "CHOI", of STI Zamboanga
Some Alumni of Regional Science High School took some snaps with me :> 
Alumni of Miss Teen Zamboanga, they belong to a younger batch though! :> Feeling bata lang ako! LMAO :D
Paparazzi Shots of me and Joelo: Credits to Crush Choi :)

Lastly, a photo of me and my baby :>

Congratulations to the winners of Miss Teen Zamboanga! :> Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get their names. Hihi. These are the numbers that are in the top 5 though >> 10, 13, 9, 7 and 1. Sorry, I'm not so informative here. HAHAHA :D Just watch out for the exclusive airing of the pageant on GBPI TV 11 this Sunday at 10:30-11:00am, replays at Sky Cable Channel 16! :>


  1. weeee..cute Kai! :D love your outfit.. you're so gorgeous! hehehe :D sayang di ako naka attend ng Miss Teen :)

  2. Hala natapos na pala. Gusto ko pa naman manood. This makes me feel old. In fairness, mas bongga ang natasha outfits nila dito compared nung time natin. I love the candy-colored stripes!

  3. Kai! Your skin looks sooo clear in the photos!!! I love your naturally dusky skin tone. Don't change it because it looks gorgeous. Congratulations to all the winners!!! Zamboangenas are truly beautiful :P

  4. Nice outfit Kai! Will definitely watch this on Vez TV! :)

  5. and fab all the way! awesome two-some(u and JOelo..happy to have seen you and your team..missed u na thats why!!!cheers on your coverage as well!


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