Giveaway: Forestdoll x Kiwiberry: Happy blog birthday

Monday, May 14, 2012
Another giveaway from Forest Doll celebrating her blog's anniversary! Awesome prizes include: From ForestDoll herself:

"For all the overwhelming support and kindness you all showed me, It's about time I give back. I already posted 2 giveaways here and here, but let's not stop there. I'm posting another one just especially for you guys! :-) Since everyone knows my circle lens and false lashes addiction, this is what I'm exactly giving away. Each winner will receive one circle lens, one BOX of false lashes, and one 50% discount coupon that you can use when you shop for lashes and lenses at Kiwiberry! But then again, giving away only one set would be really nice but how about giving away 2 sets? Much better right? SO YES! THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS! :-D More chances to win. I wish everyone goodluck and I hope you all like my anniversary giveaway. I still can't believe there are 1000 readers who believe in me and my blog. I really do not regret what I did last April 21, 2011. I'm glad I was bored and I decided to make this blog. It's been a huge part of me now. I still won't stop blogging and I hope you'll stay with me throughout my bloggu's journey!"

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So what are you waiting for? Join now and don't forget to tell your friends and let them join in the fun too! :-)

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