Jannieology's Birthday Blowout!

Friday, May 04, 2012
Hello everyone! I am here to give you guys some really good news! :> A fellow blogger and a dear friend of mine, Jannie of Jannieology, is having a really huge giveaway on her blog! Basically because it's May which is her birth month! :) And because I love her, let's all greet her a Happy Birthday and do her a favor by joining her Birthday Blowout :>

To motivate you further, here are just some of the prizes you (we) might just bring home!
1st Prize!
2nd Prize
3rd prize
 And that's not all, she will also give away four sets of goodies as consolation prizes! Yey! More winners mean more chances of winning so if I were you, I'd head over to her blog and join. :> Check out the link below to be redirected to her page :> Love you, Jannie dear! <3

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