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Sunday, May 13, 2012

//Sheer Top, Navy Blue Bottoms, Black Pumps all from Cherry Plum Botique//
//Glasses x Mustache Acrylic Necklace from Personalized Accessories//
//Bracelets from Eazy Fashion & Cutey//
//Hairband from my own collection//

 It's Mother's Day today, hence I included a photo of this hen and her chick. They're actually ours. They love roaming around our empty lot looking for food. :>

I totally dig pastel shades these days. And to provide a contrast to the pastel shade is the deep navy blue pants which had the same color as of the peter pan collar of my top :> As for the hairband, I have lots of them! :> Thinking of doing a Summer Wipe Out where I can sell off some of the things I can live without ;> Tell me what you think about this by commenting below.

KAI asks:
"How did you and your mom bond on Mother's Day?"


  1. Hello, random chicken!!! hahahahahah I have the very same headband too! hahahahaha :D :D Love the top and the necklace :D

  2. lovely look! :D I also love pastels... especially mint. lol <3

    happy mother's day to your mom :)

  3. Wow, you look great with that outfit, kawaii head band (:
    Happy Mother's Day to your mom <3

  4. im a major major petter pan collar fan... and this one with the polka and in navy blue, my other loves... perfect! just perfect. :-)

  5. 8I love your necklace Kai! And the pumps, killer! <33

  6. you look so divine! gusto ko talaga ang collar ng top mo.
    huhu i dream of photographing youuuuuu

  7. Hahaha! Tha chicken! How sweet! :)


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