LOOK: Green-Eyed Monster

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Hello everyone!~

 ~I was supposed to review another product I got from an online store but decided against it because I don't want to have a really long post. Maybe tomorrow then :> For now, let me share to you my look. I am actually cheating here because this was not what I wore today. I actually have a backlog of outfit posts which I should really post. So enough of that coz it's time for my LOOK! 

 //White Lace Top from my mom's closet//
//Scallop Shorts from Funkberry//
//Arrow Down Gold Mirrored Necklace from Personalized Accessories//
//Watch from Technomarine (Femme)//
//Bracelet from Sofisticada Collections//
//Canvass Tote Bag from H.E.A.R.T. by Abbey//
//Melissa Wedges from Shopper's Online//

See the cute canvass bag up there? I'll post the review of that bag tomorrow! :>
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 Huzzah for the giveaways! More to come :> 
What do you think of my look? Hit the comment box belooooow, love!  ~


  1. Love your shorts! I want one but I keep thinking that it's not allowed in the office so it's not really practical to get one. Le sigh. I'm loving that shade of green though and the bag's so cute! :D

    1. This makes me think how cool my office is! :D Thanks Mich!

  2. wow ako na ang laging na-a-amaze sa beauty mo!
    ang tangkad mo rin tingnan sa mga photos :)
    and me likey likey your necklace :)

    1. Thank you Athena!! :) I'm not that tall though -- 5'5" lang aketch :)

  3. The striking luminating shorts, blouse, bag, and the wedges -- they all make you look even better. You're truly a photogenic model. I like your style cuz it's comfy and so chic.

  4. Sis, you so prettyyyy <3 And the outfit is so cute!

  5. Love your short sis. Your so pretty:)

  6. I love your make-up kai, you look so beautiful. and the outfit's cute too.

  7. You are indeed tall. :D I love the shorts and the gold arrow necklace!!! :D

  8. Hi Kai! Thank you for using the bag! :) I hope you liked it! <3


  9. Love the whole look. Very cool, summery and dainty. I'm especially fond of the accessories, the bag and the necklace. Less is definitely more with this outfit! :)


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