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Saturday, May 26, 2012
~♥Sun's up and shining dolls! I had a totally rough time early this morning - I passed out. It's that time of the month again. Boyfie's still not back and I've been a whining old maid all week and it's really not going to help both of us. So I channel all my energy into blogging. Thank God for kaigrafia.com! :>

I actually scored some totally amazing accessories over the weekend and I'm so glad to share them to you guys! I've been into colorful wrist-candies lately just because I want to exude that fun and summery vibe even though school's starting so soon for some. Thank you to Eklavoo Ave. for these gorgeous bracelets! 

Bracelet from Eklavoo Ave | Earrings from Jannie
 And because I was too excited to wear them, here are some photos maybe you'd like to see for yourself. Okay, in the photos, I re-used the navy blue blazer just because I want to! :> Sorry for the messy hair! lol

I can actually make a GIF out of the photos above. LMAO! *-*

//Navy Blue Blazer from Local Store//
//Pink&White Striped Dress from Apartment8//
//Earrings & Bracelets from Eklavoo Ave.//
//Watch from Technomarine (Femme)// 
//Lippie used: NYX Round Lippie in Chic from Jannie//

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xoxo, ~kai


  1. Awesome! Also, I can't help but to comment your mole.. it's sexy. I think it's one of your best assets. :3

  2. Kai you look so beautiful, lovely accessories too! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the accessories and you are so pretty sis. First time to be here on your blog. :)

  4. I love candy-colored accessories too! I'll visit Eklavoo Ave! :) ♥

  5. i love the bracelets and your dress too! :)

  6. Love your new layout, Ate Kai!
    Was gonna pick sana a fave pic but I like them all~
    You're a really good model :D

  7. that bracelet in the 2nd photo !
    want :(
    [kahit messy pa hair mo, ang ganda mo pa rin] :)


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