LOOK: Take me to the Beach

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
It was quite a wrong move to use this outfit on this particular day. Why? I'll tell you why, just when the sun's finally up and shining, rain clouds got in the way :'( So much for my "take-me-to-the-beach" vibe. But anyway, just took some snaps so as not to waste any more outfit posts! :3

//Floral Polo from AsiaFashion// White Shorts from BNY//
//Purple Flats with Flower Applique from Sikato//
//Avant Garde Peace Necklace from Eazy Fashion//Typhon Bracelet from Cutey//
//Wrap-Around-Sunglasses from Firmoo Optical//
Wonder why I have a photo of Mario Maurer here? Because that's where I got the inspiration from --the folded sleeves and the loose printed polo :> 
 Short review of the Avant Garde Peace Necklace 

This necklace is very light even though there are pretty stones encrusted in it. The peace design is unique as well especially that it is adorned with flowers and brightly colored gems! The only down-side I guess would be that it'll rust when in contact with water so you'd really have to take good care of it. I've found a solution for this though -apply colorless nail lacquer or Modpodge to seal in its luster/shine! :> I got this pretty necklace from Eazy Fashion which retails for Php280! :> 

They have the biggest collection of accessories from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings! You can go loco over the different designs! Plus, they are updated every now and then, so expect new designs all the time --you'll never have to go out of fashion! :> 

                                                                 Eazy Fashion Shop
                                                               Site | Facebook | Multiply

 Thank God it didn't rain when we were shooting this! Or else! HAHA :D Thanks once again to my personal photog, Lei M. Have a nice day ahead, lovelies!


  1. In fairness, I can see the Mario Maurer reference in your outfit! hahaha Bigla akong kinilig when I saw his photo! hahahaha I wanna go to the beach tooo but I'm stuck here working! bah!!!!

    1. Hihi! super kilig talaga pag si Mario Maurer na noh? :)) HAHA. hope I can go to the beach very soon. Thanks mich!

  2. Mario Maurer! <3 haha. Looking really good ate Kai!
    love the outfit and your new hair do! :)

  3. Nice! :)I love Mario Maurer! <3

  4. I love your outfit sis! and parang inspired with the movie of mario maurer ahh. :3

  5. love the nail polish :)



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