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Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Hi again everyone! Thank you very much for dropping by my blog. I hope that you're enjoying your stay :> Today, I'd want to show you guys the outfit I wore to the Lee-Ahadja Nuptials, a Muslim Wedding last Sunday (this was also the time when I didn't have the time to go online because of the events). 

My good friend Alyssa Kanti invited me to sing at her cousin's wedding ceremony at the Astoria Regency and I accepted. So here are some photos during the event. :> 

//Little Electric Blue Dress & Nautical Pearl Necklace  from Cherry Plum Botique//
//Makeup by yours truly//


I would also like to share a short review about the bracelet I wore from Eazy Fashion's collection of bracelets. It's called the Sailors Cross and Royal Blue Chains.  I personally chose the design because I love things that are nautically-inspired. The color also fits my outfit for the wedding!
As for the quality, I am very satisfied with it. It's sturdy and feels really solid but not that heavy. The trinkets are also very nice and fashionable. The only problem I have with it is that I have to ask the assistance of my sister or someone who's near to help me attach the clasp. But other than that, I simply love this bracelet . 
Details of the bracelet trinkets. Don't you just love it? :>
Product:Sailor's Cross & Royal Blue Chains Bracelet
Item Code:B083
Retail Price:PHP 480
Wholesale Price:PHP 299
Category:Bracelets and Bangles

Notice how there are two prices listed? If you become a reseller of Eazy Fashion you get lots of privileges like big discounts! Just look at how much you can earn by being one of their resellers! This is because Eazy Fashion not only wants to promote a stylish lifestyle but also improve the lives every Filipino by offering a good source of income and this is their way of doing exactly that! Head out to their site and earn! Be a RESELLER!

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Eazy Fashion Accessory Online

NOTE: This bracelet is generously sponsored by Eazy Fashion for Review Purposes. Opinions expressed here are 100% objective and is not in any way influenced by free items. 


  1. I want your bracelet Kai! Akin na lang! hahahahaha :D Love your dress too. You look very elegant. :)

  2. You look gorgeous with the dress. :D hehe. I wonder if you ever thought of joining beauty pageants. I think you have what it takes ti bring home the crown.

  3. The color suits you. you're so elegant.

  4. You're so pretty tlga.. you know what, I dont know that you're a tv host. oh well.. no wonder, you got a talents and beauty naman. ;) Whatever you wear, you still look gorgeous. ako kaya? hahaha

  5. Great Post! I am planning to buy some stuff from there and did a lil bit research how they are and found your post ! :) Thanks for sharing

    Hug & kisses



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