REVIEW: Daisy Gray ML4 Circle Lens

Wednesday, May 09, 2012
After getting a new hair color and cut, I also received new sets of contact lenses from KiwiBerry Lens! Thank you very much Kiwiberry! :>  They actually sent me 2 pairs of lenses but I will begin a review for one set first then maybe next week I will post another review as well.

First off, Kiwiberry is an online store that offers a variety of popular circle lens models from South Korea. Circle lenses are very popular and are sold all over Asia. Big circle lenses and hypersize contacts are the most popular in Japan. Circle lenses come in all colors and designs from very natural looking to very dolly and dramatic looking. They also have several different styles of false eyelashes to complete your desired looks! 

So I was very excited to wear the lenses and I decided to try the gray ones first. Here are the details or product information:

 Daisy Gray ML4 Contact Lenses  

Diameter: 14.5mm 
Water Content: 42%

Center Thickness: 0.025mm-0.15mm

Power Range: S-0.00 ~ 6.00(0.25Step) S-6.00 ~ 10.00(0.50Step)

Base Curve: 8.60mm
 Colors: Borwn/Grey/Blue/Violet/Green/Black/Pink/Hazel/Aqua
Good for one (1) year use

 Shipping & Packaging: 3/5
>>It’s actually my first time to give a low score of 3 in all of my reviews basically because I expected a more presentable way of packaging the lenses. I am sort of expecting fancy boxes or cases where the lenses will be placed. It was only encased in a thin layer bubble wrap with a note and the lens cases. I am thankful though for the very short note. :>

Size: 4.5/5
>>This Daisy Gray ML4 is my second set of gray lenses. The first one I had was really a lot bigger that this. But I give it a high score because smaller lenses are really much easier to use compared to lenses that promise dolly eyes. There is a bit of an enlargement here though but not as evident as the previous lenses I have which makes it less obvious that you're wearing contacts.

Color & Design: 4/5
>>I actually find the design weird for the color I have. At first, I though the inner design was supposed to be fish scales considering the color was also gray! But as I looked closer, they were actually little flowers. (I didn’t know the name of the lenses before, I had to research it on the www). As for the color, after wearing it, it looked more black than gray. I guess that’s because it mixed with the brown of my eyes, so it looks a lot darker afar. 

Comfort: 5/5
>>Wow! I am amazed by how comfortable these pair was. I had it on for about more than 4 hours. I have not experienced any discomfort aka itch, cloudy vision, redness. Plus it is very easy to use as well :> 

Overall: 4/5
>>I am not so loco over it though. It's just "okay" :) I got compliments from the people who saw me though, they said I looked like a doll. I wasnt aiming for that look though. Here are some photos of me wearing the lenses!::
Photo taken Outdoor 

So there you have it! I hope you found this review useful and in case you'd like to purchase the same pair, you can always visit KiwiBerry and use my discount code to get 15% off your purchases!
Discount Code: kaigrafia

KiwiBerry1 Collection

 NOTE: This set of lenses is generously provided by KiwiBerry Lens for review purposes. Opinions expresses are purely my honest opinions about the product. 


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