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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
I have always been on the lookout for products that promise to give smoother skin especially for the face. Previously, I've posted something about a soap that I've been using for quite a long time and I have said that it totally worked for me. If you want to read my post, then click Beauty Secret Spilled.

In connection to the paragraph above, some weeks ago, I received a generous package of beauty loot from Miss Lei of Flawless Beauty. If this is the first time you've heard about Flawless Beauty, the let me tell you about this online store.

Flawless Beauty Online started their business of selling dermatologically tested skincare products on June of 2009. Their beauty products are formulated by licensed doctors and chemists using only quality raw materials. What’s uniquely good about them is that some of their soaps are exclusively manufactured only for Flawless Beauty! 
Credits to Miss Lei Arsad for the photo! :>

The package the sent me contained the following beauty products -- Flawless Beauty Whitening Soap, Alpha Arbutin Whitening Lotion and some soap scraps of Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar. Now onto the review for these goodies!

Flawless Beauty Whitening Soap
  • I used this soap the next day after receiving the package. I was using the Beauche soap already prior to using the new soap so I wouldn't be able to fully judge if this is effective in whitening. However, I guess it maintained my fairness and breakouts did not occur during the period of soap usage.
  • The packaging for this soap is nothing special though however what is nice about this soap is that it comes in a bigger size which means more goodness in a bar!
  • Another strong point is that after using the soap on my face, you won’t feel any tautness and it doesn't dry my skin too much. Plus I love soaps that are naturally sudsy! :))
  • The downside is it melts easily especially if you just leave it on a soap dish without draining water. So I wasn't able to use it that much - it only lasted around 2 weeks :(
  • I also wish that they added a favorable scent/fragrance to the formula though.
  • Final verdict -- totally worth your money! My skin's already on the fairer side so I can't say that my skin has lightened that much and besides one bar is barely enough! But with all the benefits you can get from this beauty bar, it’s worth a try!
Alpha Arbutin Whitening Lotion
  • I am never a lotion-person or a lotion enthusiast largely because lotion feels so icky! But my mom always tells me that I have to really load up on lotion because my skin tends to get dry! I am not a water person as well so maybe lotion can at least help to retain some moisture on my skin. Unlike other lotions I’ve tried, the Alpha Arbutin lotion dries immediately so I didn’t have to stand in front of the fan to dry the lotion on my skin.
  • Now, this lotion Miss Lei sent me is totally amazing! For one, the lotion's scent is totally yummy - in vanilla plus it's long lasting. The scent lasts all day long that I don't even have to use perfume on top of it. 
  • After application, aside from the pleasantly yummy smell, my skin felt soft and smooth and totally moisturized. Up until now I’ve been using the lotion and I’m quite “matipid” on the usage because I totally want it to last!
  • Since the bottle is relatively small, I easily pop it inside my bag wherever I go because I am fond of “retouches” just because it smells so good!
  • It’s quite pricey though for a small bottle of product but I think it’s totally worth your money! I love this product and if I run out of it, I will definitely buy another bottle!

Aside from the products I reviewed, the online store also offers a variety of soaps that fits your skin’s needs. Miss Lei also sent some soap scraps such as the  Gluta Strawberry Milk Bar  which smells really good! J

My photo posted at Flawless Beauty's Page! :>

NOTE: All products are generously provided by Flawless Beauty for purpose of product review. All opinions expressed in this review are my pure and honest views. 


  1. I love Flawless Beauty!!! The Alpha Arbutin soap has helped get rid of my back acne and for that, I am forever grateful! Also love the Alpha Arbutin lotion. Smells sooo delicious talaga. You're mom is right. Don't forget to moisturize! It will keep your skin from sagging in the future :P

  2. buti ka pa Kai nagawan mo na to ng review.. :) ako wala pa. waaaaaaaaaa.. going there pa lng ako. hehehehehe :D

    Anyway, love the review sis! kuddos! :)

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  3. In the last pic you look so pretty:-) This blouse looks so nice with the red nails and lipstick!

  4. I want to try that strawberry soap. :)

  5. nice review.. gusto ko itong try.. san po pwede makabili nito??? meron po ba sa watson??


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