REVIEW: Geo Xtra WT-B62 Blue

Thursday, May 24, 2012
I know I am Asian – a Filipina at that. I said this because last week as I was watching some vid off of Youtube, I came upon a vlogger’s youtube channel whose entry at the moment was about blue circle lenses she bought. It really looked good on her but as I was reading some viewer comments, I saw one in particular whose comment went something like –“These Asians try too hard to look someone they’re not by using blue lenses.” Now, honestly, what the heck is wrong with Asians using blue lenses? That pissed me off.

And now just to show you guys how good blue lenses look on Filipinas, I am going to review a pair of circle lenses which I got from Lens Village.

Product Information

Geo Xtra WT-B62 Blue Lens 15mm
Power : Plano / 0.00 
Diameter : 15 mm
Manufacturer : GEO Medical , South Korea
Life Span : 1 Year Disposable

Shipping&Packaging: 4/5
>>It took around 2 weeks for me to receive this pair of lenses-- the usual waiting time. I am so used to it that anything beyond that will be too long for me. But anyways, I gotta give it to them for the packaging of my lenses. They had this really cute pink&white box (my fave colors, btw) where the vials and the lens case were. Everything was so cute, including the blue animal lens case, I really had to smile ^-^
Color&Design: 5/5
>>I have always loved blue when it comes to contact lenses. I just feel so different - maybe prettier - with blue lenses on. Especially with the Geo Xtra WT - they make my eyes look like crystals, they're not a super bright and neon-y type of blue, in fact, it's blue in a much darker hue. The design is perfect! I am already in love with it at first sight. I have always wanted something that can make my eyes sparkle and this pair is just the perfect answer to that!
Size: 4.5/5
>>With a diameter of 15mm, I almost feel like they totally enlarged my eyes - which I really like. It can almost give you that doll-like eyes which some may or may not prefer. But I am totally cool with bigger sizes as long as I can wear them. 
Comfort: 3/5
>>Honestly, I'd give this one a really low score. No matter how beautiful it is when worn, trust me, it can get really uncomfortable. When I first tried it on, it took me a long time before I can finally wear them right. The next time I tried putting them on was hell --think tearful episodes. There was this feeling of something in my eyes. I don't know but I tried soaking them in solution for like overnight already! When I was finally able to wear them I was like "OMG! I can finally have photos taken!!". Tends to dry out for around 2-3 hours. 
Overall: 4/5
>>If it wasn't for the low score on comfort, I'd give this a 5/5 but since there were tearful episodes so yeah. But I think it would work differently for other people. What doesn't work with me just might work with you. And who can ever resist the sparkly beauty of this pair? Time for photos! :>
*Full-faced photo :> Outdoor!*

*With Flash*

*Indoor w/out Flash*

So there goes my review for this lovely pair of lenses! If you want to purchase the same pair, here are the ff. links for you:
 Lens Village 

Right now, I am having a really hard time coping with separation anxiety. The boyfie's at Davao and will be there for like a week! I've never been apart from him that long so it's sort of a really hard thing for me. I miss him too much :< I hope he comes home soon. Sigh. Anyway, take care dolls!~ 


  1. I'm loving everything here!
    waah.. stunning as always..
    Super love the new look of your blog!
    seems more like it.. <3

  2. Kai!!! I super love your blog's new look!!! :D Hahaha sana ako rin! :D Bagay naman sayo yung blue e. Hayaan mo na mga haters! :P

  3. You're so pretty! And ang cute ng new look! Wow daming bloggers nag update ng looks nla. :3

  4. The red lipstick really looks great on you, Karen! :)


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