REVIEW: Nail Stamp Set & Plates

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just yesterday I featured some of my nail art designs in my blog entry entitled "My Weekend in Nail Art". I included the design I made from the stamp set I received from KKCenterHK! So right now, I am going to review this particular product for my lovely readers. :>

This Stamp Set has become popular since the year 2010. I remember clearly when I was still with MagTV, we featured a nail spa in Zamboanga City which pioneered in offering nail arts thru nail stamping. Nail Stamp sets weren't available yet during the time so we had to go to nail salons to have our fingernails done. Now, thank God for these useful Nail Stamp Sets, I can do my nails at home without spending too much money on having it professionally done. Of course, you won't get it perfectly done the first time but you can always practice --again and again until you're satisfied! 

Got this really lightweight package from KKCenterHK! Before I start the review, let me introduce you to the online store that sent me the Nail Stamp Set :>

KKCenterHK's tagline is "We may be your First Choice!" and they specialize in Professional False Eyelashes, Nail Arts & Wigs. They pride themselves as a supplier with wholesale pries that are directly offered online plus their prices are lower than all online stores you can find. Wherever you are, you can always have access to their products because they ship worldwide! :> Let's now move on to the review:

Product Information

[Nail Stamping Set]
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Authentic
Stamping Nail Art Stamper with Scraper, used for all series of our stamping template.
Fit for different size nails.

[NAIL Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate]
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
100% Authentic
Diameter : 5.6cm
Metal templates nail art designs, perfect for DIY.

Shipping&Packaging: /5
>>I waited for approximately 2 weeks for my shipment to arrive to the Philippines. Two weeks is the regular waiting time for international shipments. Anything earlier than two weeks is magic! :) I simply appreciate the store's effort in packaging the products in this really simple yet sturdy zip lock  pouches with their logo on it!
I am assured that my orders are in tip-top shape after its long and weary travel. Hehe :>

Quality:  /5
>>I gave it a perfect score because I was able to use this product with ease. Since I already have first-hand knowledge on how to use the stamp set, I didn't have any trouble using it. The plates are really durable and very solid. You just have to learn the proper techniques so you can pull it off perfectly. As for the scraper and the stamp, they are made of plastic but they're very durable as well :> You just have to clean them thoroughly after use.

Price: /5
>>I think that this set is quite pricey if you're from the Philippines. Because a lot of sets like this are already out in the Philippine market which are priced for a hundred pesos or even lower. But I guess for people from other countries, this might be the cheapest of its kind online :>

Overall: 4.5/5
>>I highly recommend this! Because with just one plate you can create a lot of different designs already and will not cost you that pricey travel to the salon/nail spas because they're reusable and will last long provided that you care for it. For more designs, you can head to their website!

To show you what you can do with this awesome set, let me share this photo of my nail art using the stamp set--AGAIN! :>

Visit and purchase the same set only on KKCenterHK! :>

NOTE: These products are generously provided by KKCenterHK for review purposes. Opinions expressed in this entry are my own pure and honest views. 


  1. cool. at least re-usable talaga kaysa naman laging pabalik-balik sa salon... :)

  2. I like!!! Are there any other designs? How about color? So neat!!! :D

    1. There are a lot of designs! You can choose from their website. hihi :)for the colors, all stamps and scrapers are color pink :)


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