Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Hello everyone! How have you been doing? There’s only a few days left before Summer officially ends and classes begin again for the students. If I were you, I’d definitely use the remaining time to become extra productive :>

I’d like to share to you guys this necklace I got from one of the online stores in the www. And when I say share, I really want to say “review”. HAHA :D I hope you don’t get tired of reviews because I don’t! I find reviews very useful when I need other people’s opinions before going out and buying the actual product. So here goes!

♥ Product Information 

Name: Bowknot Pendant Necklace
Chain Length: 47cm
Pendant Height: 1.7cm
Pendant Width: 2cm
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Where I got it from:

Shipping&Packaging: 4/5
>>As usual, I waited around a two weeks for my package to arrive and have it claimed from the post office. Nothing is really special about the packaging. The necklace was inside a clear plastic only. Nothing fancy here. But I gotta give to them because my necklace was encased in a bubble-wrap sort of parcel.

Design: 4/5
>>I sort of find the necklace a little bit simple. It’s just a simple bow which acted as the pendant. Necklace crafted in metal, featuring the bowknot pendant, slim curb chain with lobster clip closure. I am the sort of person who likes large accessories and ones that really catch attention. So I would wear this on days when I feel simple or maybe when I’m not “excessorizing”, if you know what I mean.

Quality: 3.5/5
>>I think that this necklace is quite of average quality. As you can see, it is silver. But I highly doubt it to be really pure or real silver considering the price of the product. And just recently, as I was about to hang it onto my accessory rack, the chain broke and I had to fix it L Good thing I still have the tools from my accessory-making days.

Overall: 4/5
>>I wouldn’t categorize this necklace as something you really need to have. It’s just okay for me, nothing to be really crazy about. But still I’d wear this like I said on days when I’m feeling simple and elegant. If you plan to wear something like this, I’d suggest very minimal accessories like single strand for bracelets and very simple earrings:)

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  1. It's cute Kai! I got a dress from them but waiting for it to arrive in the Philippines pa. Hoping it doesn't get lost or stolen :( Huhuhu

  2. first of all i love the banner. :D the bow is kinda cool. but seems small. hahaha.would like to see you wearing it

  3. This is very dainty, anything silver catches my attention talaga. Wanna see this in one of your outfits! =p

  4. That looks so sweet! Bows always are :)


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