Review: Skin79 Diamond Collection BB Cream

Monday, May 28, 2012
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Today I would like to share to you this new found love I have for the ever-famous BB Cream or Blemish Base Cream. Do you use BB creams? If no, I would have answered the same when asked last two weeks ago. But ever since I got my own set of BB Creams from Mimi and Tofu, I started to love them big time!

In my research, I found out that BB Creams aka Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or also Beblesh Balm was originally formulated in Germany by a dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950's! Wow, just imagine how improved our BB creams are nowadays. Accordingly, these creams were used to protect skin after laser procedures and surgery and provides light coverage. It was introduced to South Korea and Japan in the 1980's and has been popular in these nations ever since. The popularity of BB Creams has started with the Koreans even dubbing BB Creams as the "secret" of Korean Actresses". I guess most of the brands are from Korea – since aside from other nations, they’re a bunch of people who have really amazing skin – if you watch Korean TV Series and Movies, you've probably noticed how female and even male stars have this clear and blemish-free skin!

So what are it's uses? Let me summarize them - BB Creams are used as moisturizers, primers, foundation and sunblock. Multi-tasking? Exactly.

I really didn’t have enough interest for BB Creams that would motivate me to buy a whole tube because it’s too pricey and I was quite happy with the current facial products I was using. But when I visited Mimi and Tofu’s Online Store, I saw this wide range of BB Creams they have and aside from the larger sizes of these products, they have smaller tubes for those who want to try the product first before committing to splurge a lot of cash. In the end, here are the types of BB Creams I got from the store:

From L-R:
Baviphat Supreme Discolor Magic BB Cream 
Baviphat Shiny Reflection BB Cream
BB Diamond Collection from Skin79

So as you can see, I have three BB Creams but for now, I am only trying out the BB Diamond Collection from Skin79 thus I will review this one first and the review for the other creams will follow after I’ve tried them out.

In the photos below, you can see how a blob of the cream looks like on the back of my hands. The second photo shows how it looks like after I’ve evenly spread the cream on my skin. 

Notice how it blends with my skin? It's sort of lighter than my skin tone but believe me it blends really well and works well as base before makeup application. And it has a sort of a glossy finish to it which makes my skin appear more healthy and rosy. It spreads thinly though and I’m very satisfied on how it works on my skin because there’s no “heavy” or greasy feeling. It’s also a plus that it smells good but not overpowering – just a mild scent which makes it pleasing to use.

I am very sensitive to facial care products, there are times that I get breakouts due to some ingredients that do damage to my skin so I am very careful when it comes to that. In my experience with the BB Cream, I have not experienced any itch or red patches on my face, I did not encounter any breakouts as well –and this ultimately made me trust the product fully! Yay! 

After trying out the 8ml tube which lasted around 5 days, I finally decided that I must continue using this BB cream by Skin79. I totally recommend it, not only does it make your skin look healthier and rosier, it also has SPF and whitening so it’s a three-in-one wonder. Although it’s a bit pricey – a 40g bottle costs around PHP1,070 – depending on where you buy it, it’s worth your money. Tofu If only I can get a discount for the larger bottle, I’d be very happy. Hehe :> You can get these tubes from Mimi & Tofu!

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I also had a photoshoot yesterday with the super talented photographer Sefi Curada and stylist Prei of Walk That Style for another set of glamour photos and I am just so excited to see the final output! And you'll get to see it here on my blog too, of course! :> SOON 

xoxo, ~kai


  1. I use tinted moisturizers more than BB creams but since I've just run out of my tinted moisturizer, I guess it's time to try a BB Cream brand. :)

  2. Love the bb creams! :D
    I heard a lot of good review with skin79.. pero hiyang ako kay missha lng talaga.. :)
    maganda rin daw yung hanskin and BRTC Jasmine Water bb cream. Recommended talaga ni Jen of :)

    Mimi is a super sweet seller! I really like her.. sakanya ko rin binibili yung mga Japanese cosmetics ko. hehehe.. very reliable seller! :)

  3. Waaah BB creammmmmmm!! <3 I use the one from Skinfood. Matry nga ng ibang brand. This looks nice. :D

  4. Sounds as if it is really good :) I like cute pink packaging!

    Oh, off-topic, but I love your nails - very pretty :)

  5. Natuloy pala kayo sa photo shoot...
    Those are good brands you have right there.

  6. Lagi ko na lang nakikita yang BB Creams. Pero di ko pa nattry. Elf Tint Moisturizer nga lang gamit ko gusto ko ung mga tipong ganyan. kahit di na maglagay ng powder okay na. XD

  7. Very nice review of Skin79 Diamond BB Cream, it's so detailed. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing us your review. I will wait for your another make up reviews! :)


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