REVIEW: STRIP IT Hair Removal Sugaring Wax

Thursday, May 17, 2012
You may have known that I received beauty loot from one of my blog sponsors, Skye Avenue. I posted the photos of the goodies and promised to post reviews for them soon. You can see that post here.

Now, I finally came up with a review post for the product Strip It Sugaring Wax! Before anything else, thank you Miss Dee for this opportunity J

I have been hearing about this product a lot when it comes to the aspect of waxing. I have never tried waxing before and I was never interested in waxing my legs only my underarms. You see, I shave a lot on that area and I’ve heard that it can do more damage than good. So after reading about the benefits of waxing, I finally gave Strip It a try.

The set contains the following: Cold Wax, Spatula, Cloth and an instruction manual which is very helpful.

I read the manual thoroughly to have a good idea how things are done. At first, I tried it on my underarms.  And sadly, nothing happened. No hair has been removed. I really wanted things to work out so I contacted Miss Dee and asked a few questions about the product. Turns out, it’s more difficult to remove hair from areas which are previously shaved lots of times. Hair in that part becomes more rooted and thick L Good friend and blogger, Jannah, advised me to have it done professionally and then use Strip It Sugaring wax next time.

Manual says that the hair must be a least one fourth of an inch long before using the waxing technique. Warming of the wax is optional. The area where you plan to wax must be stretched out before applying the wax in the direction of hair growth. After application, the strip of cloth is placed on top, and then you’ll have to strip the cloth immediately and with force towards the opposite direction of hair growth.

I didn’t give up though. I tried it on my legs. After watching Jannah’s video, I finally got more ideas on proper ways to do it. The wax really looks good enough to be eaten. Yum! What’s good about the product is that it is purely natural, water soluble and hypoallergenic. It also contains moisturizers which makes skin soft and calamansi which lightens it!

I first applied it on my left leg. And there I witnesses the power of Strip It! I was amazed to see hair sticking on the cloth strip filled with wax. It was a bit painful, yes, but pain that I can bear.  When I wiped off excess wax from my legs and patted it dry, I was amazed to feel that the area was soft and smooth and more importantly… hairless! J There was redness on the waxed area at which I applied the Aloe Vera Gel that came with the set but the manual assures that it’s completely normal and true enough after a night’s sleep, it went back to normal!

The only CON that I can think of is that its really time consuming. You have to do it manually for all the parts you want to wax and you have to use a bigger cloth to cover larger areas. 

On the other hand, it has been a week since I waxed and I can see that my legs still look hairless. I’d expect hair growth after 2-4 weeks.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to ladies who want to try waxing. This product is very affordable compared to waxing in clinics. Plus, you won’t need too much when waxing so you get to keep what’s left (which is a lot!) for the next waxing session. The cloth and spatula are re-usable, you only have to wash it thoroughly and let dry.

If you want to purchase the same kit I got for the review, you can always order from one of my trusted sponsors, Skye Avenue! And trust me, they’re LEGIT J This review is not just for the purpose of advertising but also because I whole-heartedly recommend this product. This really worked for me and I will continue to use it. I guarantee that this product can give you your precious money’s worthJ

Skye Avenue
NOTE: The wax set is generously provided by Skye Avenue for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this article are my pure and honest views. 


  1. Will definitely try this out soon. Been hearing a lot of good things about this product!

  2. i think i should try this out kasi masyado akong natatagalan sa veet. pero yeah, i haven't really tried waxing na waxing talaga pero i hope it's not as painful as others say it is. :)

  3. Yeoch!!!! Hahahaha I don't wax my legs coz I'm not hairy there naman pero for my underarms, I use veet - the cream and sometimes the wax. Sometimes, I just go to waxing salons na lang to get other parts waxed. :)) It's difficult to do it myself kasi nasasaktan ako and I can't go through it na :))

  4. i had been using strip it since college, and i love the outcome!!!
    pls do check my blog. :) mind if we follow each other? i'm a new follower :)


  5. I used Strip It and it has been featured on Unang Hirit and tried by Regine T. I've been using Strip It for almost a year. It saves a lot of money.

  6. I dunno why, but I'm afraid of waxing on my own. Baka kasi hindi pantay! Hehe. Saka I tried watching by myself and ended up having a sore underarm (didn't read the instructions enough to know that one should NOT shave after showering lol)

    Maybe I should try one soon. Or not. Haha. :)

  7. This brand was my first hair removal wax. It smells delicious hihi. After I finished the first tub, I decided to make wax on my own. And now I'm still using it. It's not that painful and I rarely wax my legs (ang hirap kasi!) haha but I use my wax regularly on my UA. Don't be afraid to try waxing coz the pain is bearable. Also DIY sugar wax is natural and hardly to cause any irritations on the skin. ^_^

  8. Its such a drag when I used to shave my legs everyday cause I get those black hair stubbles easily. Then I got to try Strip it waxing, I was afraid of using it because I heard that waxing is painful. But, WOW! I'm smooth and hairless for weeks. Pain is tolerable. Am so happy with the results that I end up selling it also. For those living in Sta.Rosa, BiƱan ,San Pedro,Laguna on the lookout to buy Strip It, u can check us out in

  9. I've been waxing at home for years when I first started using the product. I actually like to take a bath AFTER I get myself waxed, or also as it is said in the manual, you can wipe it with a damp cloth to remove excess product. The wax is very sticky and it makes me uncomfortable if I let it stay on my skin for too wax reviews


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