Up by Two!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
~Hurray! :> 

I am not supposed to be posting anything else on my blog for today because I am completely OC about my blog entries and I have this unspoken rule of just posting one entry per day to avoid overwhelming my readers with a lot of topics for one day.

But! Some unforeseen circumstances led me to post this now because I am totally taken and ecstatic about this very good news! :> This post will also serve as a sort of love letter for my blog sponsors who are waiting for my review of their products.

Firstly, I am so happy to tell all of you that my blog has just gained a PR2! That's 2/10! Hurray! :> I know it's not much but for me it totally is! Ever since I began this blog, I've always dreamed of getting even just a PR1 and for grueling weeks, my blog didn't even qualify for a PR1 so I decided to just quit checking my PR Rank and save myself from countless heartbreaks.  And finally today, I decided to give it a try. I was expecting an N/A but guess what, I achieved not only a PR1 but a PR2! :> So just imagine how happy this made me! You may verify this at prchecker.info 

Of course, I couldn't have done it without my lovely and loyal readers and supporters especially my regular readers from the Zamboanga Bloggers' Group. I would love to include all of your names, but then there's a lot of you, so a link-bank to our page might suffice! :) My thanks goes also to my lovely and generous sponsors who trust me to review their products. I know how hard it is to trust a baby blog but they still did for which I am very thankful. I hope they're reading this so they know how very thankful I am for the trust and support! This just makes me more determined and inspired to continue blogging. ^-^

AND for that, I would also like to ask for my sponsors patience and understanding. There are still a lot of pending reviews that should be posted within the week but because of a very tight schedule, I am not able to finish all the posts that are required of me. But do not fret! I am just accommodating the reviews of the sponsors who sent their products in earlier and I have scheduled the posts so if you don't see your product review yet, please be patient, I have already assigned a particular date for that :> 

I am also very excited to be collaborating with new sponsors! Don't get me wrong, but I accept requests from brands that interest me and brands that represent what I believe in, as well as products that belong or fit my niche which is Fashion, Beauty, Fragrances and other kikay stuff :>

So there you have it! :) I hope you continue to support my blog! I have more giveaways to come to thank you guys for all the love. For now, I hope you join my current giveaways! ♥ 

Stop the hate! Spread love and peace throughout! ~


  1. Congratulations Kai !
    I love your blog too =)

  2. weee!! congrats ate Kai! way to go!
    lovin' your blog :)

  3. Congratulations! I just hope to see a lot of giveaways on your blog Kai! :)


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