Saturday, May 12, 2012
I was particularly happy last May 07, 2012 because I received some really good news – the kind that makes you wanna scream – I won another giveaway! And for the record, this is my 4th time winning such giveaways and still I’m very excited!

I didn’t win the grand prize though – I only won the NYX Surprise item in a giveaway hosted by fellow blogger, Yza Carmella, who also happens to own an online store called Hot Botique.

So when I saw her tweet that morning, I can’t help but smile big time! Just after a day, her package arrived and boy was I ever so glad to see the contents! I was only expecting one item since that was what she said on her giveaway post, turns out I received three! So hurray for that and thanks Carmella! :D

Here are the gorgeous babies I received:

 One (1) NYX Runway Collection Color Palette. I really love this! All the neutral colors are present which I can use for highlighting parts of my eyes. Plus they’re a mixture of matte and shiny eyeshadows.

One (1) NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Blush Red. This is totally “me” I would say. I am inlove with red when it comes to lip color. I just feel so pretty and fierce when I wear this particular color. This jumbo lip pencil has a really bright red color to it because it is highly pigmented and amazingly, it glides smoothly onto my lips and gives it a sort of glossy finish which I really prefer.

One (1) NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Pale Pink.  Another yummy color which I will definitely use. It gives a matte finish so I prefer to apply a top coat of another lippy – I choose to top it with Maybelline Watershine Lippy in Pink. This combo is really a winner! It gives my face a really feminine touch – a sort of “di makabasag pinggan” look – so subtle.

I can never thank Carmella enough for the prizes! I can sense how excited she is too to send these goodies to me and hands down, she really sent me heavenly loot!

You can be a giveaway winner too! I have two on-going giveaways which you could join and win awesome prizes! Here are the links to my amazing giveaways:

And a little bird told me there’s another giveaway for my blog that’s still in the works but will be released this May! Keep posted lovelies!


  1. galing! 4th na! :-) congrats kai! :-)

  2. wow!! congrats! I hope I get lucky too!~

  3. Cool! 2012's a really lucky year for you! :D

  4. wow! congrats sis! happy for you! ;) haha i haven't win any giveaways yet! haha :)

  5. YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY KAI!!!! And you won the Goody giveaway pa today!! Me I never win! huhuhuhu What's your secret? Tell me!!! I wanna win something too! hahahaha :D


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