Estilo Libre @ Three!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
I am having a totally amazing start to this day! Happy Independence Filipinos! :> I really should be just at home, but we have work today. Well, like I said nothing can put me down this day! Why, you ask? Because I received my totally fab and rockin' customized varsity jacket from Estilo Libre!

I can't wait to show you my varsity jacket but before that I would like to greet Estilo Libre -- Happy 3rd Anniversary! Wow! Three years in the business already - that is such a great achievement! :3 I dedicate this Outfit Post to Estilo Libre for their anniversary. 

Before anything else, I would like to invite all of you to visit Estilo Libre's Facebook Page. If you don't already know, this online store offers a lot of things that are a must-have for women and men alike. With brands such as Red Berry, Strip It, Aura Xeryl Naturals, Krave and FM Fragrances, you'll definitely want to shop for more. Aside from that they also offer what I have now, customized varsity jackets, beauty bags, pouches and accessories.

And to celebrate their 3rd year in the business, Estilo Libre has launched several giveaways for their loyal customers and would-be clients, you can check that on their Facebook Giveaway AlbumYou can win dozens of prizes! Be sure to join! Now, let me show you this customized varsity jacket that I am totally loving right now!

//Customized Varsity Jacket from Estilo Libre//
//Pink Technomarine Watch from Plains&Prints Zamboanga//
//Accessories from Pulseras by Pam & Eklavoo Ave.//
//Donut Necklace from Yummy Fashion Treats//

Don't you just love the jacket I got? It was definitely love at first sight! I am also very satisfied with the type of cloth used for my jacket, very durable but light-weight. I chose the design, color and appliques to be sewn into the jacket and it just turned out exactly the way I like it! Thank you so much, Estilo Libre! This made my whole week. :> Want one? Visit Varsity Jackets By Estilo Libre and create your own design.

I almost forgot! I will also launch my Second June Giveaway a few hours from now, so keep checking back for that! :> Take care, lovelies! :3


  1. I also have varsity jacket. Same color tyo sis :) Btw, love you palda :)

  2. love the jacket! how much does it cost? i want to order ^_^

  3. Thank you so much,Ms. Karen for this outfit post! <3

    Estilo Libre

  4. great outfit! the hot pink puts such a fun
    twist on the traditional varsity jacket.

    and yay for filipino independence day! i'm
    filipino-american actually ^_^

    erica | sweets + hearts

  5. WOW!!! Super nice varsity jacket and it's customized pa! AWESOME!!! I want one too! :D

  6. Beautiful..!

  7. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

  8. wow, hot pink na hot pink! @_@
    i've always wanted a customized varsity jacket before..

  9. I love the jacket. How much is the jacket Kai?

  10. ganda unique talaga ..:)

  11. I love your jacket! So cute!

  12. Indeed, your jacket really attractive. :D and for only 850 customize na sia.. wow! :)

  13. the jacket!!wish to have that one..:D

  14. I love the JACKET and so as the person using it:)


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