F E A T U R E D: Giant Vintage Sunglasses

Friday, June 29, 2012
Bonjour beautiful people! How is everyone doing? I hope it's not raining again. I always long for a sunny weather because everything looks vibrant, full of life and bursting energy. But guess what? It does not always work that way. These days we have to battle off with the harmful effects of the sun’s scorching heat. So we all know the basics for sun protection, right? There’s SPF Lotion, moisturizing stuff, things that block the sun’s rays such as umbrellas and the handiest of all, sunglasses.

Long intro eh? I know some people who are fans of sunglasses, I for one, belong to that group. And yes, I find it hard to believe that I received four (4) of them from Giant Vintage! They’re not just for sun protection – they complete the trendiest looks as well. Before I talk about the sunglasses, let me tell you something about Giant Vintage.

Giant Vintage is every person's vintage eye wear superstore! I'm saying this because they have over a thousand genuine - I repeat - genuine vintage sunglasses and clear frames from your fave time periods - may it be 70's, 80's and 90's and reproductions of iconic styles over the years. The company is based in Los Angeles and has launched worldwide offering quick shipping to the US, UK and other international locations such as ours (Philippines). They add new styles every week may it be limited edition authentic vintage, ultra modern or replicas much-loved styles. Products start at 8USD! ;> Now, it’s time to show you my choices from their grand collection of sunglasses:

Crawford (White Cat’s Eye) -  This one reminds of the glasses worn by a cartoon character. This falls under the cat’s eye category justified by the shape and the angle of the glasses. What I love about this pair is that they look vintage, yes, but also very easy to be matched especially for corporate attires. If you are going for a look that’s classy and sophisticated, this is your go-to pair.

Lola (Black Big Framed) -  I almost wear this everyday and people tell me I look like a dragonfly because of the size. But I think it’s just perfect to cover up the eye bags which are a result of lack of sleep. Hehe. Plus the frame size guarantees sun protection especially skin around the eyes which is thinner than the rest. The heavily tinted glasses are just perfect to avoid squinting. The only problem I encountered with this pair is that it does not fit me perfectly. It tends to loosen up so I had to readjust it once in a while.

Peeka (Clear Black Aviator) -  These types of glasses are totally trendy and popular. So I just have to have one of these! And guess what? This pair perfectly fits me like a glove fits a hand. It does not fall off even if I move too much and the design is awesome! It’s tinted on the upper part and has an ombre effect. They look really stylish when used and can be paired with almost anything and I find myself wearing them almost everyday. It's made out of plastic material though but they’re quite a steal.

Cincinatti (Clear Black Frame) - Last but not the least, the "Noynoy" frames as what I'd like to call them. Lmao* The frames are rectangular in shape and has transparent lenses. Perfect for the schoolgirl/nerdy look. It's quite heavy but I totally dig it however I had to readjust it from time to time so it doesn't perch too low on my nose. Me wearing Cincinnati.

So there, those are my top picks from Giant Vintage's large collection of vintage and not-so-vintage sunnies! Watch out for my outfit posts using the glasses - they look absolutely awesome!

G I A N T   V I N T A G E 


  1. love the sunglasses!! :) I like Peeka and Lola more! :)

  2. oh i love the first one! i only have two and i rarely use them! haha

  3. i dont think the noynoy look will fit me . LOL, but i like the crawford one.

  4. I love Crawford! It suit me well I guess! :)

  5. Wow, you're a lucky girl to receive all four of them! Crawford is my favorite - really vintage-y look!

  6. Love those sunglasses! :D I've only worn the likes of the 2nd one, Lola, but I want to try if Crawford would suit my face shape.. :D


  8. I so love vintage sunglasses. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany's. :)


  9. I love that white rimmed glasses! So groovy!



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